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Anyone tried Scottish Slimmers ? (in England!!)

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snmum Fri 22-Oct-04 07:38:09

was just wondering. they have set up a new group local to me that is cheaper than WW and easier to get to. I didnt get on with my WW leader at all so stopped going.

So has anyone tried it?

snmum Fri 22-Oct-04 11:34:40

nobody then?

bran Fri 22-Oct-04 11:38:22

What's the difference between SS and WW, or SS and Slimming World? I've never heard of it before.

snmum Fri 22-Oct-04 11:40:14

it's here

I think it is just a slimming club type thing. i am bored of ww and my leader just kept saying buy ww meals from asda all session

kalex Fri 22-Oct-04 11:46:15


I went to SS, in Scotland about 8 years ago, I liked it and lost 1 stone, and apart from pregnancy have pretty much managed to maintain, I eat much healthier now than I did before.

I always think though that it depends on the leader, there are good ones and cr*p ones, I think that I attended for the first time to have a look and see if I liked it, and joined the second week.


bran Fri 22-Oct-04 11:47:29

Do you know anyone who goes already? I think a good leader makes a huge difference. I really like my WW leader, but I know that I respond very badly to people who are boring or teacher-ish and I wouldn't be nearly so successful if I didn't like the leader. It's bad of your ex-leader to push the WW products all the time as it's not really a long-term solution to improving your lifestyle, and more importantly they taste revolting.

The website looks pretty good, although they don't really explain the diet it does look as though it's reasonably healthy. Let us know how you get on if you do join. Do you have much to lose?

muddaofsuburbia Fri 22-Oct-04 12:46:22

snmum - my mum did Scottish Slimmers for ages and really liked it. She's on holiday at the moment though, so I can't quiz her on it. She's now doind WeightWatchers although I don't know her reasons fro swapping. Will find out soon.

JD67 Thu 22-Sep-11 22:16:47

I go to Scottish Simmers - It is very similar to WW in principle. You get 45 checks to eat per day (1 check =25 cals) . In addition you get a yoghurt and 2 bits of fruit. It does work - I did it 20 years ago and lost weight. I have no motivation this now but am going with the intention of not putting any more on.
I went because the WW leader was not very inspiring ;(

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