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Has anyone tried weight loss pills?

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MarylinMonhoe Fri 09-Oct-20 19:25:16

So I’ve ballooned over the past year, from 13 stone to 17 stone. I got to 15 stone during my pregnancy, had my baby six months ago and due to PND have just been bingeing and bingeing. I’ve decided to do something about it and started doing low carb three days ago and have lost 2lbs so far but I know this will be water weight.

I’m drinking vitamin water, taking vitamins and apple cider vinegar supplements to keep my energy up.

I was wondering if anyone had tried Alli? The milder version of Orlistat? Obviously not talking magic diet pills but the prescribed version. I know Orlistat gives you a bad stomach and the pharmacy sells this but you’re told to stop it when your BMI reaches 28.

Due to it being an actual pharmacy product I’m wondering if anyone has tried it and found it helped with weight loss?

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Crinkleypeach Fri 09-Oct-20 20:12:15

Friend of mine was literally exactly like ur OP she tried slimfast etc but got bored of the flavours after a month. She tried that one Thrive and absolutely loved it. Just a suggestion? I think the main thing for her was not feeling under pressure to stick to a full on routine like the slimfast. This Thrive one she was on seemed to fit in with her fine and we even still had a cheeky takeaway occasionally! Hope this helps. I'm not really sure wot else to suggest I mean the same thing doesn't work for everyone, I personally found after having my kids I found it less hassle to just use a child's plate so smaller portion size, load up with veg even though I'm not a massive fan and I swapped out my cups of tea for green tea which seemed to help x

Loseastonein21years Sat 10-Oct-20 08:00:04

No, I haven’t tried them and I have mainly heard negative things about Orlistat as it can cause you to poop your pants if you’re not careful. I basically stood your body absorbing fat.

It’s really hard to lose weight if you have depression so I sympathise. I had depression and was given fluoxetine to treat it and that also caused my weight to spiral. I finally took control this year after my weight hit 14 st 8 which horrified me. I got a Fitbit, started walking 10,000 steps a day, eating at a deficit of 500 cals a day (which still left me quite a lot as I was quite heavy) and doing some weights every other day. I didn’t weigh myself for the first five weeks because I didn’t want to lose motivation if the scale didn’t budge. All I focused on was sticking to the routine every day. Then when I did finally weigh, I was 10 lbs down. I just carried on with this and now after 6 months, I have lost 3 stone and have gone from an obese to a normal BMI. It’s not been easy but being obese isn’t easy either. I think the key is just consistency. If you’re in a deficit overall, you will lose weight.

I personally couldn’t do low carb. I think the important thing is to find something that you can do for life because otherwise it will just come back once you stop the diet. I couldn’t cut carbs for life but I do know I can carry on my exercise routine and eating a healthy balanced diet for life.

SchrodingersImmigrant Sat 10-Oct-20 09:38:09

I have heard so much about "leaky bum" that I opted for a nice 1kg a week loss but with my dignity intact rather than more but... 👀

You are doing well already.

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