Pls help motivate me for baby weight loss under Covid

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BabyMamaMom Thu 08-Oct-20 16:59:30

Looking for motivation. Feeling ready to slowly try and lose my 2 stone of baby weight after first baby in lockdown. On the one hand it's the absolute ideal time to do it - we are partially restricted here and other measures look likely to come in meaning I'm probably not going to go out and socialise for months, will have no Xmas events, and have much more time on my hands (around baby) to do home workouts etc. I could potentially do a 6 month programme and be slim again by the Spring, vaccine etc! 🙏🏼

However, the main way I need to lose weight is cut down the amount of calories I'm consuming, and the trouble is that I'm finding during Covid I'm much more tempted to have a glass of wine or two of an evening during the week. I eat generally healthy but due to my age and metabolism I need to really be incredibly strict on calorie intake for any weight loss to happen, so that means absolutely no sugar, no alcohol and no junk. Although I'm eating fresh food, I've been drinking a bit most days and also having the occasional treat like a pain au chocolate on Sunday mornings, or chocolate in front of a film! It's like these little treats are one of the few things we have to look forward to under Covid restrictions! I don't drive and we live in a city flat with virtually no green spaces near us, (and I'm not using public transport) so I'm very restricted about where I can escape to for days out, plus pubs and restaurants are closing etc etc. I'm essentially cooped up and bored! (Although busy with baby).

So, if you're stuck at home, how do you manage to keep motivated to a strict diet with no treats to look forward you or to perk up a dull rainy Saturday? What else can I replace my glass or two of wine with? Are there any other non food/alcohol related pick me ups I've not thought of?

Thank you from a frazzled, slightly chubby mum X

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