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Paul McKenna - advice anyone?

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Sundaypolodog Mon 05-Oct-20 20:28:04

Hi I'm thinking of doing Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin and am wondering if any PMK old or young hands can tell me what to buy - the book or the app, or both

If you can offer any advice, wisdom experience etc on PMK'ing all is welcome

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BF2748 Tue 06-Oct-20 02:02:39

Sorry can’t help in terms of the weight loss but do know somebody who was agoraphobic and didn’t leave the house For a long time to starting PMK via the app and ended up going on a holiday abroad. Fantastic results. I think the book usually backs up aspects of the app by going into more details etc but I would think you could just do the app.

DownUdderer Tue 06-Oct-20 07:06:10

I think, from memory, he says eat whatever you want, but eat slowly and enjoy each bite, don't watch tv while you're eating. And I think he gets you to rate your hunger, if your hunger is quite low he says don't eat until it gets stronger. Is the app expensive?

Sundaypolodog Tue 06-Oct-20 15:28:42

Thanks. Does anyone know whether the book or the app is the best to use

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BF2748 Tue 06-Oct-20 23:42:23

I suppose you won’t know what works best until you try. Different things work better for some than other. Try the app if it’s more convenient if it doesn’t hit the mark get the book. Either way it’s your commitment to it that will show results you want.

Xanadu58 Sat 24-Oct-20 06:18:20

I followed this in January and had great results . Then lockdown happened and things started to slide. I bought the book and CD (managed to get them second-hand online). I listened to the CD everyday although it did send me to sleep ! According to Paul , this is ok . I think once I'd read the book and got the golden rules in my head , I just used the CD . I lost 5lbs in the first week and 1 - 2 lbs in the following weeks . It is really simple and I'm definitely going to start again .

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