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Optimistic October

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Octopus37 Thu 01-Oct-20 07:46:04

Says she, thought I would start a new thread. After yesterday's triumph, I ended up eating rubbish yesterday (lack of time and planning) and weight out for a Toby (bar snacks) last night to get my Dad out of the house to give DS1 space. Weigh 9st2 this morning, but confident that I didn't eat the 8,000 calories needed to gain over 2 pounds. Aim for the end of October is 8st13.5 (rather than .75 which was my new low yesterday), the sky is the limit

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Heygirlheyboy Thu 01-Oct-20 08:21:00

Good woman octopus! Here for the small losses too. Starting the month at 8st 8.5. Next target is 8st8 and end of October target is 8st7. 5 which is basically my end goal.
B: deluxe ono
L: broccoli, feta, hazelnut and avocado salad
D: chilli with brown rice and creme fraiche and cheddar.
Busy day ahead. Have a good one all.

IDontMindMarmite Thu 01-Oct-20 08:49:31

Happy October everyone! So despite the ups and downs I have maintained which is the second month running, happy days and long may it continue.

@monochrome from past experience I feel that weight loss certainly will not occur! But as long as the rebound back again is there it will be ok.

TheHoneyBadger Thu 01-Oct-20 08:49:33


Yesterday I was 13st12.5 which was a new low for me but I could well be 14st again today with my fluctuations. Not weighing today as I was busy pushing ds to do last minute homework this morning and drank coffee and a pint of water without weighing first.

Goal number 1 is still stay sane and make it to half term which is definitely the priority. Weight wise my next big goal is 13st7 but I don't expect that to happen in October.

I'm going to say I'd like to be securely 13st10 by end of month. Hopefully that's not too ambitious. September was a lot of maintaining and a micro loss.

Monochrome4 Thu 01-Oct-20 10:01:47

Morning everyone! Bloody hell it's October already. Happy October everyone!

Checking in this morning to say I'm still here and committed. Sometimes I need to tell someone to believe it myself.

Well done TheHoneyBadger. And I agree, first priority is always staying sane.

Hangoverstruggles Thu 01-Oct-20 13:13:55

Thanks Octopus for the new thread, I like it!

Weight 9st12.5 this morning. Not my lightest but still in my 'fluctuation zone' so will take that as a maintain for September.

I would like to get to 9st10 and hold it there but I'm finding the last 2lb hard. Will have that as a goal for October and see what happens.

Been on plan this week, need to stick to it Friday and Saturday and treat myself to Sunday off.

Well done everyone 👍🏻

hangoverstruggles Thu 01-Oct-20 16:21:55

@Heygirlheyboy my period is due in 7 days. Am I right that my body will be burning a little more now for this week?

Will check in for the day...

B weetabix & blueberries and coffees
L 2 sandwich thins with peanut butter & banana
D will be tagine made with diced chicken breast (usually use lamb but trying this for leanness!) served with cous cous
S grapes, a plum, pathetic amount of water.

I'm at 1200 with that but will have something with my cuppa after the kids are in bed.

How are you finding drinking water now it's turned colder? I was ok when the weather was warm but now just want hot drinks!

Heygirlheyboy Thu 01-Oct-20 16:28:39

Yes you'll either need more ie allow yourself a piece of fruit or two extra or as I found, I didn't eat the extra burn and benefitted from it. I have to make an effort to get the water in but it makes a massive difference. 2L in at this stage. I'm still stuffed after my massive lunch grin

TheHoneyBadger Thu 01-Oct-20 17:13:02

Back from the gym having done a good solid 50 minutes in cardio zone and 7 minutes at peak apparently. First time peak minutes have been logged by my Fitbit.

Aiming to go again tomorrow after work. Which would be 2x gym and one swim fitted in this week.

Had overnight oats for lunch. No clue what’s for dinner.

Heygirlheyboy Thu 01-Oct-20 19:09:34

It is mad to think I have logged my food(above) and it's only 1330.. So much v filling food. Unable to hit steps again as predicted for this week.

Lalanbaba Thu 01-Oct-20 20:16:50

Hello everyone,
Goal for October is reach 63 kg. 64.3 this morning but I seem to have been up and down this number this week.
B: kefir, fig and blackberries
L: mushroom omelette, cucumber salad, toast
D: pasta with meatballs
About 10 cups of tea

monkeytennis97 Thu 01-Oct-20 20:23:02

Hello all.. I've lost 65lbs in total since lockdown in March. Usually in September I pile on the lbs but I've managed to lose 8lbs last month so I'm pretty pleased with that. Currently 13 stone dead on. By the end of October I'd like to be 12 stone 7lbs and I'll have gone from a BMI of 42 or so to 28ish 🤞🤞

TheHoneyBadger Thu 01-Oct-20 21:25:32

Very impressed monkey. Over 4st!

There’s hope for me yet. Way slower for me though.

So freezing cold and hungry after my gym session I ate a pot noodle and half a packet of biscuits. Not my finest hour.

Oh well. Live and learn. I might make a protein shake ready for when I get back from the gym next time.

Octopus37 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:50:17

Wow Monkeytennis thats loads, fantastic

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Octopus37 Fri 02-Oct-20 07:26:01

9st1.75 this morning, think I have been eating too many salty things and maybe not drinking enough water with the colder weather. Glad its Friday

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Heygirlheyboy Fri 02-Oct-20 08:06:20

Well done monkey tennis, that's amazing going!

Lalanbaba what is kefir like?

8st8 here, another target met. I do want to tone up now tho.
B: porridge with banana and coffee
L: nutty fried rice
D: takeaway with friends after a chaotic week, wohooh! Training all weekend but this will be a much needed breather 😊

Monochrome4 Fri 02-Oct-20 13:10:46

monkeytennis97 WOW!

Monochrome4 Fri 02-Oct-20 13:15:08

Just checking in to say hello. I've been a bit meh this week, in my procrastinating-and-snacking mood. This morning I've really felt like snacking but managed to have fruit, and then couldn't face going out on my bike so went for a swim. I feel much more energised now. I'm pleased with that because it could have gone either way so I'm proud I made the right decision.

Heygirlheyboy Fri 02-Oct-20 13:34:02

Good on you monochrome! I must say the three substantial meals are suiting me so much better than snacks.

Monochrome4 Fri 02-Oct-20 13:39:50

Heygirlheyboy It's a tricky one for me. I am a natural-born snacker and I get quite scared at the prospect of managing from one meal to the next without snacks to get me through. I can do it if I really concentrate, but it's easier to just budget for snacks. But then in order to keep within budget while snacking I need either to be really strict about keeping the calorie count of snacks down, or have very small meals. And small meals are quite sad.

Basically, what we're doing is hard, and we all need to pat ourselves on the back for doing it.

monkeytennis97 Fri 02-Oct-20 13:41:42

Thank you everyone thanksthanks It's been tough (especially as I've given up smoking/vaping) too. Got to keep going though 😊👍

Lalanbaba Fri 02-Oct-20 14:09:44

@Heygirlheyboy kefir to me tastes like a sour yogurt with a thinner texture. An acquired taste but my mum used to have the actual kefir culture when I was a kid so I was used to it.
Today is miserable here so need warming food.
B: porridge with cherries. Tea
L: spiced lentil soup
D: quorn chilli, rice, sweet potato.
I'm baking sausage rolls too, so probably will have one. Have to test them you know

Heygirlheyboy Fri 02-Oct-20 14:21:21

Monochrome I think that fear of it is definitely a thing but you might surprise yourself. I add to my meais to make up for it and as I'm so full and food takes so long to digest I wouldn't even be looking for a snack.

Thanks Lalanbaba!
Tennis monkey that's absolutely amazing.

Monochrome4 Fri 02-Oct-20 14:43:20

Thanks @Heygirlheyboy. Yes, some days I manage without snacks at all and I'm fine but I've got to get into the right frame of mind. I'd have to add a lot to my meals to be actually too full to snack. Lunch today was 630 calories and I wouldn't say I was full at the end; just not particularly hungry. I reckon it would need to be well over double that not to have space to snack all afternoon. Not snacking definitely has to be a positive mental effort rather than not being hungry, although when I manage it I do feel fine.

TheHoneyBadger Fri 02-Oct-20 16:32:41

Manic, wet and windy day at work today tfif. I'm not going to the gym. Too wiped out and just want to take the dog out then come in and put on warm soft clothes and snuggle under a blanket on the sofa.

Haven't eaten but probably getting a takeaway. Hopefully the long fast and busy day and burning calories to stay warm in windy classrooms will offset it.

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