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Can I just do a little dance over here?

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Howmanysleepsnow Tue 29-Sep-20 08:10:09

Wow, that’s an amazing loss! Well done!

TwentySixPointTwo Mon 28-Sep-20 18:03:22

That is truly amazing, OP. So much power to you.

Please, please also think about maintenance now. Which of your new habits you are going to keep, how you are going to feel when you no longer have the 'high' of smaller clothes or the reward of seeing the scale go down.

It can be such a difficult transition for some people that any preparation you can do now, ready for it, will help you. Especially developing habits for health, not just weight loss. e.g. your running (which is awesome!) - do what it takes to truly enjoy it and make it a part of your life.

Sorry if any of that sounds like a downer. It's truly not meant to be. You have done so well and it's such a buzz while you are losing that I'd want you to keep feeling this great, forever.

MsKeats Mon 28-Sep-20 17:48:20

Thank you guys -it does show it is possible!!

Everyone commented on my new work clothes today and I felt like a thousand dollars -not a millions -got a bit more to go yet before I feel like that!!

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Joopy Sun 27-Sep-20 23:31:11

Amazing, you're an inspiration flowers

SchrodingersImmigrant Sun 27-Sep-20 23:00:58

Hope the image works.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Sun 27-Sep-20 22:03:08

Wow! Well done you! That's a massive achievement in such a short space of time. You're an inspiration in yourself! star

MsKeats Sun 27-Sep-20 21:54:05

I've NC since I last posted a few months ago and lurk on this board. I might not post much but several awesome posts on here from some of you guys, inspired me 2 months ago and plus a consultation with my consultant when he said "you have x auto immune disease -you will always be overweight it will never come off, there is no point in trying" -well bugger me - as of today I've lost 2 stone and 3 pounds -I'm on Week 6 of Coach to 5 K I can run flat out for 20 minutes -6 weeks ago I cried as I couldn't run for one minute -never mind 20.
I ate shit. I was 4 stone over-weight.
I limped coming down the stairs and my knees and ankles hurt. I had no energy and was looking at becoming 50 -and I burst into tears to my mum and saying "I don't want this auto immune disease to kill me, or get diabetes etc" and her saying -you can do it and you will do it.
Out went the cake and crap. In came soup, meat, veg and eating sensibly. Hungry at work - not a packet of biscuits but a fruit pot with grapes and watermelon etc. 6 weeks I couldn't walk up the "tower" at work -100 plus steps and no lift. On Friday I not only walked up quickly but carried someone else's stuff and I did it 3 times.

So two fingers up at my consultant at the hospital -when I have my physical next appointment in December - I hope to have lost another stone -I'm not going back.

I have some way to go. But I was size me + 2 sizes more. Today I went shopping to buy new work clothes as the old ones keep falling down. I had to buy two sizes down -two whole sizes. My face is melting, I am melting and I want to say thank you!

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