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I need to stop kidding myself

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tea69 Fri 18-Sep-20 11:51:19

I am the heaviest I have ever been.

I need to lose at least a stone and a half.

I need to up the veg and cut out the crap.

I need to start exercising again.

Posting here to be accountable!

Anyone want to join me who needs to lose 1.5 stone?

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RainbowFlowers Fri 18-Sep-20 13:06:50

Hi! I've just lost 2 stone but now that I'm here I realise I've got at least another stone to go.

I have been calorie counting and walking a lot but not really into much more exercise if I'm honest. Occasionally I follow pilates on YouTube.

Are you going to follow a diet?

RainbowFlowers Fri 18-Sep-20 13:13:25

I do my own weekly weigh in on Mondays. I'm loosing motivation so it would be great to be accountable on here.

tea69 Fri 18-Sep-20 17:03:57


I'm not following any diet in particular. I need to go back to healthy eating and exercise.

Will go to the gym tomorrow.

Well done on your weight loss so far smile

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RainbowFlowers Fri 18-Sep-20 17:12:52

Thank you! I've never really stuck to a diet before. Maybe its been easier since I'm on mat leave so I have more control over what I eat then at work with eating out temptations and collegeues bringing in sweet treats every day!

Yeah I have found it easier to do my own thing then follow something. I'm still cooking what I used to cook for evening meals but having bout a quarter of what I used to have and then extra veggies on the side. I was terrible with portion sizes.

For my lunch today I had roasted courgette, sweet pepper and onion, no oil. And 100g boiled salad potatoes. I'm lucky since I like veg.

I've been having sugar free sweets from aldi which are only 8 calories each!! They taste amazing I never would have guessed they were sugar free.

Have fun at the gym! Do you do classes or your own thing?

tea69 Fri 18-Sep-20 20:45:34

Think I'll be doing my own thing to start with and then will see about classes.

That lunch sounds nice!

I had fruit and coffee for breakfast, then quite a large lunch involving chicken, Halloumi and salad (there were some grains with it too). Spag Bol for dinner but half the plate was salad smile Fruit afterwards - melon and a few grapes.

I've also had 2 squares of dark choc. And that's it for me for the day.

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tea69 Sat 19-Sep-20 11:08:06

I was up late last night and fancied something so I ate 1 cracker grin. Would've normally been crisps!

Gym day today halo

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RainbowFlowers Sat 19-Sep-20 11:42:10

Oh dark chocolate thats a nice treat, I haven't had any for ages...although still have milk chocolate. I try to have a maximum calorie limit for my snacks of 130 calories. Which means I can have my sons child size chocolates.

Oh well done for not going for the crisps! Have fun at the gym today, enjoy the endorphins!

tea69 Sat 19-Sep-20 23:17:20

I went for a short run then dinner out for my sisters birthday which was unavoidable calories. All I had all day was egg and toast and some belvitas and an apple.

No plans tomorrow so should be easy to stick to diet.

How about you @RainbowFlowers? Doing well?

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RainbowFlowers Sun 20-Sep-20 09:01:18

Eating out is so difficult isn't it! I didn't realise how much I ate out until I started dieting. I hope you enjoyed it though.

Yesterday wasn't the best as I had a picnic with my little ones which meant white bread for me, which is totally not worth the calories. For my tea I made a curry which I should have had a smaller portion of! But I stuck to my two 130 calorie snacks so I guess it wasn't all bad. And I did do some walking with baby in the sling.

I have a feeling that I am only going to have maintained weight this week rather than loose, we'll see.

Today its another park day for me which means more white bread. I really need to come up with a healthier lunch for on the go. Or maybe not as thats probs the last of the park weather!

You up to much today?

RainbowFlowers Sun 20-Sep-20 09:02:24

Sorry just saw you're not upto much today. Happy dieting then!

tea69 Mon 21-Sep-20 23:10:07


A good low cal day yesterday and a long walk to get steps in. Barely manage to walk these days with working from home blush

Another good day today. I had a big lunch (low cal) so didn't need dinner which is always a bonus!

I have no plans this week so MUST STICK TO MY DIET!

How are you doing?

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SuckingDownDarjeeling Tue 22-Sep-20 00:57:25

Can I join?

I started out with 5 stone to lose and I'm now down to the last 2 stone. It's starting to feel like an uphill battle now but I'm determined to see the final payout for the months of dieting. I might be able to help smile

One thing I can highly recommend, is a cheat day. During the week I eat significantly less than I used to eat normally, and I find it's much easier to deny myself certain foods if there's a promise I can have them very soon, not next year. So Saturday is my cheat day. I can eat whatever I want that day, no restrictions, and I've found that I lose more weight by the following Monday than I do during the week tracking each day. I think it's something to do with keeping your metabolism on its toes. I think even if you're not counting calories then this could work, you can take the less appealing healthier option knowing that the world is your oyster in a couple of days time.

RainbowFlowers Tue 22-Sep-20 11:12:24

@tea69 Oh well done on two good days. I couldn't fathom not eating dinner! I'm really struggling with having too many snacks at the moment. Last week I managed to loose 1lb which in pleased with as I thought I'd only maintain. Are you going to the gym this week?

Welcome @suckingdowndarjeeling ! Sounds like you've done great so far. How long did it take you to loose that? Well Im having a cheat day on Saturday as I'm going out for lunch and drinks with a friend. I can't wait for the red wine which I know is so calorific!!

tea69 Tue 22-Sep-20 20:44:17

Welcome @SuckingDownDarjeeling and thanks for the tips! Looking forward to hearing how you're getting on and well done on your weight loss so far, that's amazing!

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tea69 Tue 22-Sep-20 20:46:21

@RainbowFlowers I wanted to have dinner but I knew that I didn't NEED it.

A very snacky day today but within calories.

I will try and gym later this week.

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SuckingDownDarjeeling Tue 22-Sep-20 21:27:22

Yay, thank you @tea69

@RainbowFlowers I started on 26th may so just shy of four months. The first few days, perhaps couple of weeks max were definitely the hardest. Now I just feel like I'm clocking on and waiting for the weight loss, I don't really feel so much like I'm dieting. I think a lot of that is thanks to the cheat day!

tea69 Tue 22-Sep-20 22:25:32

@suck - What do you eat on a normal day?

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SuckingDownDarjeeling Tue 22-Sep-20 23:22:48

In the morning I tend to have two pieces of toast with marge. I don't go for low fat stuff unless I like it more than or just as much as full fat. I'll have a cup of tea with soya milk, sometimes with one sugar if I'm flagging. I only eat lunch if I'm out walking with DC, I like to take them on long walks as often as I can during the week and I'm lucky I can do this with them in the pushchair! So if I'm out walking, I'll have a sandwich that I aim for 400 cals or less, a bag of crisps with it if I'm walking far enough to burn it off, and loads of water.

Recently, I haven't been that hungry around dinner time. But if I am, I'll have anything from chicken with pasta, a ham and cheese toastie, soup, I just log it in MFP to make sure I'm not taking the piss with calories.

If I'm not exercising, I aim for 1200 calories per day. If I am exercising, I add half my exercise calories to that number as a reward. And then on Saturday, I eat anything I want to. Only because I want to always remember that the hard part only lasts for a few days at a time. Last Saturday I had some Krispy Kremes grin.

The beginning was tough. And once I settled in to that it was annoying not seeing any progress in the mirror or in photos. I don't know what it was that switched in my brain this time around, I wish I did because I'd tell the world for free. But once you're committed, take it one day at a time. Wake up and say 'I'm dieting today'. And again the next day. That's the best advice I can give blush

tea69 Wed 23-Sep-20 23:09:14

Thank you for the great tips!

I've had a couple of not-so-good days. I've been coming home and snacking and not eating a proper dinner.

Working from home tomorrow so will be ensuring I prepare a filing evening meal. Gym will also feature!

I'm determined to do this even if I do it slowly 💪

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RainbowFlowers Thu 24-Sep-20 10:33:46

Omg Krispy Kremes on a diet!! Who would have thought!

Slowly is healthier and more maintainable anyway.

SuckingDownDarjeeling Thu 24-Sep-20 11:39:23

Indeed, slow and steady is a great approach, especially at the beginning!

I've finally seen another pound come off today. Because I started off losing two to three pounds per week (because I had so much to lose blush) it's starting to get frustrating as I'm lucky if I see two in a week. I know that's normal, but I still get annoyed. I think I could technically diet harder each day, just to get to my target faster. I'm just not sure I want to, because so far this is the only thing I've been able to stick to alongside the day to day stresses of parenthood. What would you do?!

RainbowFlowers Thu 24-Sep-20 11:48:11

I feel like I'm roughly at the same stage as you at the start I was loosing 2 to 5 lbs a week. Now I'm slowing down but I'm OK with that as I once I'm at my ideal weight i don't want to pile it all back on because I feel like I've been depriving myself previously.

The frustrating thing for me at the moment is having bad fitting clothes at but I don't want to start buying things until I'm at the size I want. A shopping trip is defo something for me to look forward to though.

How old are your kids? I've got a 3 year old and a 3 month old.

SuckingDownDarjeeling Thu 24-Sep-20 12:32:24

@RainbowFlowers I've been exactly the same with regards to clothes! I want to really enjoy the experience, I don't just want to buy stuff to tide me over. I have two year old twins. So a great age to go out with the pushchair, and as long as I occasionally bribe them with a yoghurt or a cheap toy then they let me do what I need to do grin.

I'm impressed that you've found the motivation to persist while you have a 3 month old! I couldn't do that, no matter how much I wanted to, I was just getting through each day and eating whatever I wanted because I was stressed. Well done smile

RainbowFlowers Thu 24-Sep-20 13:18:04

Thank you. After my first I was in survival mode for at least the first 6 months as he only slept for 1 hour at a time at night. I didn't even think about dieting or loosing weight or anything other than wanting more sleep!

So I'm actually loosing both sets of baby fat now because I didn't loose any weight in-between.

My 3 month old only has 1 or 2 feeds per night so its a lot easier. But twins is a whole different ball game!!

@tea69 do you have children?

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