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How long to loose 6 stone?!

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DumbleDorkReturns Sun 13-Sep-20 20:03:10

Evening all.

I'm looking at joining WW as it seems the best App, fits in with my lifestyle better as I don't always have time to cook from scratch so rely occasionally on precooked meals etc.

I'm 5'3 and currently 15 stone. Would love to get back to 9 stone which is in the higher end of the healthy weight range for my height which would be a weight loss of 6 stone.

I'm seems a massive amount and I was wondering realistically how long this will take.

They have a 9 month offer with WW which is 3 months free. But would 9 months be too long or about the right time?


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filthyanimal Sun 13-Sep-20 20:08:42

I've lost 6 stone in a year.
The weight loss has definitely slowed down the slimmer I've got.
My aim is to lose 7lb a month: to start with this was easy, but now I'm lighter it's harder.
I do keto and run 3x a week.

Kakiweewee Sun 13-Sep-20 20:11:37

I'm at 4st 7lbs in about seven months. My weight loss has slowed down pretty dramatically since I hit about the four stone mark, but I'm still consistently losing about a pound a week. I think I'm about on track to lose six stone in about a year, though my target weight loss is ten stone, so I was heavier and had more to lose, which might impact speed of loss.

mrsed1987 Sun 13-Sep-20 20:22:09

I lost 6 stone in 8 months but I was 18st to begin with so slightly easier.

Kakiweewee Sun 13-Sep-20 21:04:38


I lost 6 stone in 8 months but I was 18st to begin with so slightly easier.

Was it mostly diet changes, or did you do a lot of exercise as well?

W989 Sun 13-Sep-20 21:21:13

I've gone from a 14 to a 10 since May. I've not weighed but I am a lot slimmer.

ShalomToYouJackie Sun 13-Sep-20 21:52:20

I lost 6 stone over 2 years with Slimming World but stopped doing it and have now gained a stone so going to start again

tiredanddangerous Sun 13-Sep-20 22:00:39

9 months isn't long to lose 6 stone. You'd have to stick to your diet rigidly, burn lots of calories and never cheat. Weight loss slows down considerably before you get to your target weight ime. I think a year to 18 months is more realistic.

W989 Sun 13-Sep-20 22:26:56

@tiredanddangerous a VLCD may be the quickest way. However, low carb/keto may be the same rate. I agree no cheating etc. But ultimately the goal of being healthier would make you want to not cheat.

DustyMaiden Sun 13-Sep-20 22:31:23

9 months is quick but I think it would be unwise to lose it and stop going immediately.

DumbleDorkReturns Mon 14-Sep-20 07:23:47

Thanks all.

I've gone for the 9 months option. Slow and steady is probably best smile

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