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The September 7lb per month challenge!

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cricketmum84 Thu 03-Sep-20 06:28:36

Morning all! Welcome to the monthly thread for 7lbs/3kg per month! All are welcome whether new or old. There is a huge varieties of diets and exercise regime and loads of helpful hints.

All I ask for is the positivity and support that's been shown in every single one of these threads so far. You are all AMAZING!

Despite only losing 3 of my planned 7lbs last month I am ON IT for September and working hard for a much better loss.

My total loss so far is 8 stone and 2lbs and I still have 4 stone to go. Breaking it down into these half stone targets makes it feel much more manageable for me smile

Link to previous thread is here per month - its August!

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cricketmum84 Thu 03-Sep-20 06:29:37

Sorry - link didn't work

Lose 7lbs/3kg per month - its August!

If anyone wants to teach me how to do a click link that would be very cool...

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Shedtheload Thu 03-Sep-20 07:25:07

Thank you for the new thread @cricketmum84! I can’t get over how impressive your weight loss is. 8st2 is a whole person in weight! Amazing.

Like you, I had a slightly slower August. I think that as my goal weight (11 st 4 but might reassess when I get there) is in sight, it’s getting harder to drop the pounds. I lost three and a half pounds in August, taking my total weight loss to 36 and a half pounds since the end of March. I also got into the 11 stone bracket (currently 11 st 12) which was a big deal for me as my starting weight was 14 st 7.

My goal for September is to lose maybe 4 lb. I think 7 is too ambitious for me as losing weight has slowed down the number of calories I burn a day. I am going to continue with about 1700 cals a day, at least 10,000 steps and weights every other day.

My other goal this month is to drop body fat. I have already reduced it from 32.5 to 31.1 in about 5 weeks or so. I’d love for it to be below 30 by the end of the month. It’s already in the normal range (just about) but it would be good to get it down a bit lower.

NerrSnerr Thu 03-Sep-20 07:51:41

Thank you for the new thread @cricketmum84. I find they're great for keeping motivated. I actually lost 7lbs in August, that's the first time I have actually lost the full 7lbs after months of dipping in and out of these threads. I'm trying for the same again this months.

June 1st 2020- 12st 6
July 1st 2020- 12st 3
August 1st 2020- 11st 10

My goal for September is 11st 3. I have two milestones in there, one stone loss is 11st 6 and I will no longer be obese when I'm 11st 4.

Today should be back to school for my eldest but she came down with a cough yesterday so we're waiting for the results for another Covid test. Hoping it comes back some time today.

MIgZig Thu 03-Sep-20 07:56:40

New by here, can I join? I need to lose a stone to get to the top of the healthy bmi range. Lockdown meant I piled on the pounds and got up to 11 stone 6lbs without a thought. I've reigned it in a bit over the summer and this morning I am at 11 stone 1/2 lb. I'd like to lose at least 4 lbs this month and 7 would be bloody amazing. You sound very positive op and have lost a heck of a lot of weight. That's brilliant! Hope you don't mind me hopping onboard. I'm wfh but am cycling 20 mins each morning for the school run and trying not to eat so much and making healthier choices. Bloody love chocolate though.

TheStirrer Thu 03-Sep-20 08:21:29

Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84!!!
Hoping for a more successful Sept than July & August...blush. Hopefully back to school and more routine will help but not ready for the nights getting dark as going out for a walk a lot less appealing sad

Starting weight Jan 19 21st 11.5 lbs
Start of September weight 14st 12
Weight lost so far - 6st 13.5lbs

Want to lose another 7lbs this month which will take me over the 100lb weight loss....

Fingers crossed for a fantastic month of weight loss for everyone....

NerrSnerr Thu 03-Sep-20 08:50:47

I made a mistake on my stats.
1st August I was 12st 3 (I didn't lose in July)
1st September I was 11st 10.

Welcome @MIgZig. I find these threads brilliant and even when things are not going well I find it useful to post to get a kick up the bum (or just a bit of support).

MIgZig Thu 03-Sep-20 08:59:13

Thanks @NerrSnerr - I am already feeling inspired by the achievements of you all.

Thinking of using a reward of some sort as an incentive (because being healthy and looking better just doesn't seem to be the incentive for me hmm ). How do you lot reward yourselves. I guess eating chocolate is not the way forward.

recklessgran Thu 03-Sep-20 09:06:15

Morning everyone. Creeping back in to register for September having been AWOL for some time due to a whole load of crap. I'm not losing at the moment and haven't weighed either on account of emotional carb fest! We are going on holiday to Corfu tomorrow by way of a much needed break so I will make a fresh start when I get back. I suspect it won't be pretty but I'm confident that the support I get here will soon sort me out and put me where I ought to be. Hope everyone's doing O.K.

MonicaBingaling Thu 03-Sep-20 09:16:50

Morning! Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84

Managed to lose 6lbs for August but weight loss has slowed right down now I’m close to goal weight so I don’t think I’ll lose much more but would love to get the last 6- 7lbs off so we’ll see what happens

Starting weight: 11st 10
Current weight: 9st 2
September goal weight: 8st 10

Well done to all the amazing losses and thanks for all the support this thread ❤️

TheStirrer Thu 03-Sep-20 09:16:54

Sorry you’ve had a hard time @recklessgran but lovely to see you back! Enjoy your holiday in Corfu and just relax - worry about the weight loss when you are back.

Welcome @MIgZig. Very lovely group of supportive people on the thread. Treats for me are dark chocolate (which I eat everyday) blush or sugar free jelly and double cream! I am on a low carb diet (not Keto) and it seems to work for me but we are all different in what we follow here.

GetTheStartyParted Thu 03-Sep-20 11:30:04

Hi everyone,

September already!

Start weight 27/01/20 - 15st5
Current Weight- 11st4
Total loss - 57lbs
August loss was a measly 3lbs.

I hope to at least lose 5lb in September so I'm in the 10's. I don't think I have been in the 10's for around a decade blush

Good luck everyone.

JessJonesJumps Thu 03-Sep-20 11:44:58

Hurrah! Found you all!
Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84

Lovely to see you back @recklessgran Now go on holiday, relax, enjoy yourself and don't darken this thread until you come back home! wink grin

My stats so far:
SW Jan 2020: 13.7.8
Aug loss: 4lbs
SW Sept 2020:11.11.2
CW: 11.10.0
Sept target: 11.7.8 which would take me to 2 stone weigh loss.

NerrSnerr Thu 03-Sep-20 12:07:08

Welcome back @recklessgran. Enjoy your holiday and remember it's a marathon and not a sprint (and all the other motivational quotes). You'll get there in the end when things are calmer.

@MIgZig my rewards are clothes that I fit into again. I have a wardrobe full of smaller clothes so fitting into each piece I couldn't fit into before is my reward (I am short so luckily I go through the sizes quick when losing).

bellajay Thu 03-Sep-20 12:49:28

Thanks for the new thread!

SW May 2020 120.2kg
Aug loss 3.2kg
SW Sep 2020: 108.1kg

I've already put on 0.9kg in the last three days so hoping to pull myself together and get back on track. Kicking myself for not trying harder as I just have to lose it again now!

I'd love to get to 105kg by the end of the month, by way of 107.4kg which will represent a 2 stone weight loss.

Foresttheout Thu 03-Sep-20 12:54:25

I popped onto the end of the last thread, hoping to do this properly this month. Currently weigh 73kg which is about 11st 7lb. As I mentioned on the last thread I'm currently within the healthy weight range for my height (5ft 9) and I have previously done endless yoyo dieting. Hoping to avoid obsessive calorie counting but just be a bit more mindful of what I'm eating, reducing snacking, and moving more. I'd ultimately like to get down to around 65kg which is the weight I was at in January.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Thu 03-Sep-20 13:13:36

Hi all. I'm a little late to the September party but I am determined to knuckle down to this weight loss thing after yoyo-ing for far too long. 7lbs in a month is ambitious for me as I am a really slow loser (and also only tend to lose alternate weeks!) but I am going to give it my best shot.

I am doing WW green plan, but will also calorie counting on m
MFP to keep a check on things. Main priority is eating healthily, doing regular exercise and drinking lots of water

Starting weight was 13st3lb on Saturday.... so aiming for 12st 10lb this month.
My Christmas goal is 11st 7lb.
My long term goal is 10st 6lb (top of the healthy BMI range for me).

Shedtheload Thu 03-Sep-20 14:35:18

Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time @recklessgran. Sounds like the holiday is much needed. Enjoy!

Welcome all new people. This thread is so good for keeping motivated.

Howmanysleepsnow Thu 03-Sep-20 16:54:07

I’m back after a few weeks holiday, 7lb heavier (out of the 17lb I’d managed to lose in the last 2.5 months).
Starting weight 11st 6lb. End of July 10st 3lb.
Currently 10st 10lb.
Target 9st 10lb.
I’m going to give 16:8 a try, and the Mediterranean diet. DH wants to try fast 800 from October so may join him on that later and borrow some recipes in the meantime.

peanutbutterdog Thu 03-Sep-20 22:42:16

Hi all, thanks for the new thread Cricketmum. August wasn't great for me, in the last 3 weeks I've hained and lost the same 2lbs over and over. Stats are
SW Jan 2020 - 16st 3lb
CW Sept 2020 - 12st 1lb (sort of)
Total loss Aug - 3.5lbs
TW - 11st

Hoping for Sept to get into the 11's if this plateau ever passes. Good luck to everyone this month.

Shedtheload Fri 04-Sep-20 06:58:50

Good luck @peanutbutterdog, you can do it! I spent a lot of August in a plateau and it felt like I would never break that 12 stone barrier. It will happen if course but it’s so frustrating feeling like you’re getting nowhere. I think it might also be because you’re getting closer to target so the loss slows down (I wish it could always be like it is at the start, lol). You’ve done so well though - more than 4 stone. You must look like a different person.

Ecci Fri 04-Sep-20 08:40:59

Hi all, checking in.
Start weight 15 st 12.4 lbs
Sept 1st weight 11st 13.8lbs
Sept target 11st 9lbs
I was so pleased to get to the 11s, then we had fish and chips on Tuesday (first time this year) and I've put on 1.2lbs, even though I gave DH some of my chips and the dogs had all the batter. I'm determined to get back to the 11s in the next few days.

peanutbutterdog Fri 04-Sep-20 09:18:49

Thanks, Shedtheload - I am determined. This thread is great for keeping me focused. Before, I would have gotten to this point and just thrown in the towel but reading people's experiences shows me this is normal unfortunately. Hope the drop comes this month though! Good luck to you too.

crivit Fri 04-Sep-20 11:52:53

Hello all. After being away for a couple of months I'm sticking my head back in if that's ok. Weighed in this morning at 67.4kg so still in normal BMI. Ideally I'd like at least 5 kg more off that but I'll be happy with seeing 66kg by the end of this month. I did get down below 65 briefly about a month ago but while in a bad, disordered eating mindset so I don't want to repeat that.

This morning I had some porridge with cocoa, sultanas, hazelnuts and almonds made with oat milk and a little soya yogurt (oh god, it was Greek style with hazelnuts - far too good!). Not sure on lunch as we're out of salad leaves so it may be oven chips and a frozen. Think I have some bean chilli in the freezer somewhere... Tonight is beer and a free vegan hotdog ><. It's a trial night so want to go and support it 😄. Very unusual for me with the lack of salad so may throw some carrots, beetroot, tomato etc on the side of my lunch.

Hope everyone is doing as well as they can right now 😊

Howmanysleepsnow Sat 05-Sep-20 08:38:48

Just weighed in, 4 days post holiday and I’ve lost 2lb already!

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