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Mammyloveswine Mon 31-Aug-20 12:04:34

Going away today and just finishing packing... tried on my high waisted bikini and I've just cried... I don't even recognise this body! I've put 2 stone on since I gave birth to my youngest, I've got 3 stone to lose...

I lost 1.5 last year then lockdown happened...

I'm so miserable and I'm dreading the holiday now as I can't stand being in photos, don't want to be on the beach/at the pool etc... I just look like a whale.

I know only I can make changes..I'm back to work next week and am changing to full time. My gym is back open so I'm going to book in to classes and am restarting couch to 5k...

I want a stone off by the end of sept, another 10 pounds by end of October and then another stone off over November and December... I am determined to be back in my size 10s by Christmas...

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SierraHotel Mon 31-Aug-20 12:15:36

Can I join you please?
In the last 3 years I've lost 6 stone and have put 1.5 back on over lockdown, I feel like I've let myself down 😞. Today I have to shop for work trousers, would be bad enough if I could try them on but because I can't I know I'm going to end up with loads to take back.
I'm 40 in October and want the 1.5stone off by then. Probably ambitious but I have to try!

BadDucks Mon 31-Aug-20 12:21:40

Aw sorry you are feeling crap. On your way to holiday pop into Boots and by Isle of Paradise tanning drops and some regular body cream. You add the drops to your normal moisturiser and it’s gives a lovely glow. Won’t change your weight but my wobbly bits always feel a lot less wobbly with a bit of a tan.

Honestly no one on the beach will notice or care about how you look. I see lots of amazing women in all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis and frankly I think they all look great.

BadDucks Mon 31-Aug-20 12:27:06

Will also say I have awful varicose veins on one of my legs. I would never wear skirts or shorts in day to day life but always wear a bikini abroad.

Mammyloveswine Mon 31-Aug-20 12:40:09

Thanks @BadDucks I've popped some fake tan on today and feel a bit better.

I'm going to start by not over indulging whilst we're away, lots of walks and exploring with the kids-going to take my Apple Watch and try and do 15,000 steps a day!

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Mammyloveswine Mon 31-Aug-20 12:41:09

@SierraHotel yes you can! Let's support each other!

Well done on the 6 stone weightloss! That's amazing!

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SierraHotel Mon 31-Aug-20 20:40:11

@Mammyloveswine thanks, gutted it's creeping back on though 😭
Anyway.. I'll get weighed in the morning, probably cry and swear, then I'll give my head a shake and get on with trying to lose it..again! I need check in here though to keep on track.


Mammyloveswine Mon 31-Aug-20 21:21:38

Definitely! We ended up getting chips but I had a quarter of a bag so not too bad?

Full day out tomorrow so lots of steps hopefully!

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