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Back to school, back to health! 1.5 stone by Xmas - anyone want to join?

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LarryUnderwood Sun 30-Aug-20 14:52:13

anyone want to join me? I've been yoyo dieting for years and sort of hovering between 10-10.5 stone, then over the last year I've piled on weight and now am over 11 stone (am 5'5"). Caused by a combo of stress, sertraline and lockdown. I'm now in a better place mentally and think that kids going back on weds is a good marker to kick off a new routine for myself too. Aiming for a slow steady loss with a calorie deficit and regular exercise - running and weight training. Planning to average 1400-1500 cals per day (so lower during the week and then more indulgent at the weekends), aiming for 11k steps as a minimum, and 2 runs and 2 weight sessions per week. Anyone want to join me? I want to lose around 1.5 stone by Christmas.

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