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Losing 6 kg (about 13 lb) in perimenopause

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DistanceCall Tue 25-Aug-20 06:20:54

Hello, everyone. I'm 44, and I think I'm perimenopausal - women in my family tend to go through menopause early, and my periods have been coming more and more apart in time, and less abundant, and my gyno told me that my endometrium is extremely thin.

Due to personal problems and, well, the current global situation, I have put on about 6 kg (13 lb) - my normal weight is 54 kg (119 lb) and now I'm 60 kg (132 lb). In the past, I managed to lose a similar weight over several months, but now I seem unable to shift it. I'm eating about 1250 calories per day, and exercising every day (long walks mainly - nothing very strenuous).

I can't do HIIT or hard cardio because I have very low blood pressure and it makes me feel utterly sick. And I don't think it's a good idea to go any lower, calorie-wise.

Anyone got any tips? Thanks in advance!

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MadauntofA Tue 25-Aug-20 06:53:01

Come and join our 5:2 group- I'm at a similar stage, and nothing worked for me - I was starting to think I would have to go much lower re calories for ever! I started 5:2 10wks ago and almost down 5kg. Was never going to be a speedy loss for me, but my waist size is 3.5 in lower, and I feel great. Much more sustainable in the long term, and flexible

MadauntofA Tue 25-Aug-20 06:54:00

5:2 Thread number 92: Don’t train to be skinny Train to be a lean bad ass. Come join the bad asses

ProperVexed Tue 25-Aug-20 07:42:01

I'm 10 years older than you and definitely peri menopausal. I put on a few pounds at the beginning of lockdown to add to the few pounds extra that I hadn't been able to shift for a couple of years. However, I have been doing 16:8 for the past 2 months, cutting out big carbs ( pasta, bread, potatoes) and I've lost 8 pounds. It really works for me.

DistanceCall Tue 25-Aug-20 08:07:49

Thank you! I don't think I can do 5:2 proper, because I have a history of eating disorders, and I really really don't want to trigger that on top of everything else.

But I think that a combination of 16:8 and cutting out the carbs might work - my calorie consumption is not high at all, but it's true that I rely on carbs for comfort. Time for lean protein and vegetables and absolutely no eating after the cut-off time, I think.

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Pikachubaby Tue 25-Aug-20 08:14:42

How low is your blood pressure?

Can you talk to your GP about this?

My blood pressure is low-ish, 90-60, and I can get dizzy doing cardio but the solution is to drink enough, have something salty with breakfast, and warm up properly before exercise

Cardio /exercise is usually good for helping regulate blood pressure

And doing cardio means I can eat "normally" (iecsrbs with every meal)

MadauntofA Tue 25-Aug-20 08:31:22

It definitely isn't recommended if you have had an eating disorder in the past. Sounds like your plan would be a good one

howdidigettobe50something Tue 25-Aug-20 09:03:34

I would agree that a combination of 16/8 and low carbing may really help you. This way of eating has really helped me lose and keep off a menopausal half stone that i was unhappy about. I find it really easy to follow once i got used to not eating until lunch time and carb cravings have disappeared. I feel so much better following this way of eating and recommend looking at the low carb bootcamp threads for lots of really helpful advice. Hope it goes well for you.

orangeicecream Tue 25-Aug-20 09:14:16

I'll join you. I'm 44.... Have been 57kg until the last year or so.... Stuck at 63kg now so would like to get back to 57kg....definite perimenopause here too.

Am camping at the moment in rain and gales so that's going to make it harder not to binge/comfort eat!!

DistanceCall Tue 25-Aug-20 11:01:43

@Pikachubaby I'm usually 90-60, but now in the summer it's very often 80-50, and it has even gone down to 70-40 at times. My doctor told me that cardio and toning help to regulate blood pressure, but in the summer I very often feel light-headed and sleepy most of the day, so I find it really hard.

I'm doing a version of barre at home on days when I feel better, plus Yoga with Adriene and a lot of walking. Hopefully I will bring the intensity up a couple of notches when the weather gets cooler.

The thing is carbs, I think - it's a psychological thing, obviously, but I find it hard to feel comforted by meat or salmon. Oh well. Looks like I'll have to manage, at least until I go down to my target weight.

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DistanceCall Sun 06-Sep-20 15:07:48

So - just wanted to report that I've been keeping a fairly low-carb diet (I mean, no bread, no flour, no rice, no potatoes, but I do it vegetables like tomatoes, so I'm not obsessive about it) and having an early dinner.

And it seems to be working! I've lost 1.5 kg since 25 August - which may be water, or a fluctuation, but I'm encouraged.

One thing I've found helps a lot is homemade ice lollies. I bought several moulds from Lekue on Amazon and make them from sugar-free juice. Helps with my oral fixation smile

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