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Vibration plate itching

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poloarpanda123 Sat 22-Aug-20 13:52:13

Ok, So I've had a my plate a long time but every time I use it, it makes my legs itch like hell and I have to stop after a few minutes.
Is this supposed to be a good thing?

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Pugprincess Sat 22-Aug-20 19:27:55

I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I got it a lot when using them too. Legs and hips etc would go blotchy red and itchy and hot. I think it’s an urticaria type reaction if you google it. I get it if I was to go running or walk very fast for first time in ages. X

poloarpanda123 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:45:22

Thanks pug. x

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