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Weight loss after miscarriage

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Shedtheload Fri 21-Aug-20 11:21:47

flowers sorry for your loss.

But your initial weight was underweight which is not healthy so I’m not sure giving weight loss advice is a good idea. Maybe you could focus on exercise and strength instead of weight?

lilisawyer Fri 21-Aug-20 09:40:47

So this is my second miscarriage sadly. Having bigger boobs and the weight I gained for it is reminding me of what I lost. I am currently 5ft 5 and 49.8kg... before my pregnancy I was 44.8kg but now no matter how hard I work I can't lose it! Any tips ladies I feel so sad I just want to be able to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes without a reminder of what I've lost instead of living in PJS. Did anyone else find it too their boobs a while to go back? And had trouble losing it for a while! Thanks smile

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