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How much weight before people comment?

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ClassicHummus Thu 20-Aug-20 13:46:49

Just curious - I've started losing some weight (almost a stone so far which feels miraculous, almost into the healthy BMI zone). I'm quite tall (5' 8") so I know that will make a difference, and while I can see the changes in myself I'm not sure it's yet obvious to anyone else.
How much weight do you normally have to lose before it starts making a visible difference?

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Legallybleachblonde Thu 20-Aug-20 13:51:49

If I lose a stone, people notice. I'm 5ft 3. Well done on your weight loss OP :-)

ClassicHummus Thu 20-Aug-20 15:18:59


I'm a teacher (so not at work at the moment) and I live alone which is reducing the opportunity for people to comment - am hoping that September will give me some additional motivation to keep going.

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HamishDent Thu 20-Aug-20 15:21:42

I’m sure people will notice a stone weight loss, well done! They may not say anything as people can be cautious about commenting on someone personal appearance.

SunnySomer Thu 20-Aug-20 16:12:18

Depends where you carry your weight, what clothes you wear etc. For me it was about 1.5 stones and getting into the higher end of overweight. Waist reappearing, apple cheeks disappearing etc.
Very well done it’s a brilliant feeling. Don’t be disappointed if people don’t mention it instantly- people aren’t always certain exactly what looks different even if they know something does.

cariadlet Thu 20-Aug-20 16:18:47

I think that when people see you every day, it's hard to notice weight loss until it's really dramatic. It's much more noticeable when you haven't seen someone for a while.

I'm also a teacher. I'm not doing as well as you (6lb and an inch off my waist over the last couple of weeks) but I'm hoping that by the time that term starts, it will be enough for colleagues to notice.

CarterBeatsTheDevil Thu 20-Aug-20 17:16:29

1.5 stone for me, but I started at nearly 22 so would expect it to take a bit of time.

TheNewLook Thu 20-Aug-20 19:28:33

Yes, it depends what your starting weight is really. If you’re very overweight, a stone off might not be very noticeable to anyone other than someone who knows you (and your shape) well. If you’re a more average weight, it’ll be noticed quicker.

I’ve lost 17lb in the past two months. I wasn’t very overweight - just at the very, very top of a normal BMI. Only DH has commented but that’s because I’ve hardly seen anyone since I began dieting. Quite fun to do it over the summer - am hoping when September rolls around people will notice but I’m pretty sure no-one will comment. I sort of want them to silently observe - it’s so embarrassing when people make comments about your weight. I would NEVER say “have you lost weight?” to someone because it implies I’d noticed they were heavier before and that’s just so personal.

It’s different if you’re telling people you’re dieting and soliciting their comments, of course. For me it’s a private thing. I don’t even really discuss with my DH, he just makes the right noises every now and then.

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 20-Aug-20 19:30:09

Be prepared that there will be no comments unless you are a man...
They will notice, but might stay silent.

Congrats and great job on the weight loss!!!

Stoichio Thu 20-Aug-20 20:55:53

I had a lot of weight to lose (was a size 20 at 5’6’’) and no one seemed to notice until I had lost a good 2 stone and was a small 18 big 16 - and that was only a couple of people I knew very well.
There was a week when suddenly everyone seemed to notice - the week I stopped wearing baggy sz16 and went straight to a so 12 (skipped buying sz 14 to save money) - I had lost 4.5 st at this point.

FrangipaniBlue Thu 20-Aug-20 20:59:31

I think people tend to notice when they haven't seen you for a while. Those who see you every or every other day don't seem to spot it?!

MrsBlobby43 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:04:03

I've lost nearly 5 stone and none of my friends have commented.

ClassicHummus Thu 20-Aug-20 21:32:04

Thanks so much for all the nice comments! Still a way to go but proud of myself so far.

As it happens, unexpectedly bumped into a work colleague today who didn't say anything, which actually feel strangely relieved about.

I don't know - my relationship with my weight is somewhat complex (always overweight as a teenager, developed some disordered eating habits at around 19 and went down to a low but healthy BMI, and then have gradually gained it all back over the last 6 or so years). As such, I'm having to work really hard to ensure that I am losing weight sensibly and sustainably.

I have massively mixed feelings about people commenting on my weight loss - I think it will obviously be a nice boost to hear lots of 'oh, you look great' comments in September, but then I'm aware that can feed into all sorts of negative thoughts which I can allow to spiral.

Anyway - am rambling! Thanks so much again.

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Candyflosscookie Thu 20-Aug-20 23:24:29

I'm a similar height to you OP and it was about 2 stone before anyone mentioned it (good friends). I can easily go up and down a stone with no one noticing/commenting. I tend to wear fairly casual loose clothing though, so my shape isn't always obvious.

kathryn19801 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:28:14

I'm 5'9" and lost 17lbs in lockdown. Not one person has noticed this week- first week back at school- although I'm a full dress size down for first time in years. Think I will need another 1/2 stone maybe 🤷

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 20-Aug-20 23:59:35


I'm 5'9" and lost 17lbs in lockdown. Not one person has noticed this week- first week back at school- although I'm a full dress size down for first time in years. Think I will need another 1/2 stone maybe 🤷

Great job! They noticed. They just don't comment.

HillyRunner Sun 23-Aug-20 16:41:56

1 stone weight loss - not noticable to me or others
2 stone weight loss - not noticable to others
3 stone weight loss - you look good today!
4 stone weight loss - you've lost weight haven't you?!
5 stone weight loss - omg I didnt recognise you!
6 stone weight loss - you really ought to stop losing weight...

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