Just seen a pic and distraught over how I look! :(

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bingsulaflop Sun 16-Aug-20 21:37:16


Really just an advice thread on where to start with losing weight.

My DP took a photo of me with my DS from behind and I had a pair of gym leggings on (not the most flattering I know and I don't particularly suit them) but we were in the forests climbing trees etc so it was comfy and couldn't care if they get muddy kinda clothes.

However all I can see is my cellulite and how sheer they have gone because they've been stretched over my bum and thighs even though they're my size (a 14) and they're Tesco cheap ones so I didn't expect much but I'm absolutely distraught over how I look.

I had my DS two years ago and have on and off tried slimming world (I always sat between a size 12 to 14 depending on the outfit/shop I bought from)

I just wanted some advice on where the hell do I start with shifting some of the weight as I have noticed loads of things I don't want to do (I don't feel confident going on holidays, going swimming with DS or taking him to the beach) and it's heartbreaking to think he's missing out because of my own body hang ups and problems.

Also I thought I would ask where is the best place to get DECENT gym leggings, not sheer, full length black ones preferably and that hold you in everywhere without showing lumps and bumps? grin


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Blankblankblank Sun 16-Aug-20 21:55:47

Work out your tdee tdeecalculator.net that will give you the amount of calories to stay exactly as you are, you need to reduce that figure by 20% in order to lose weight.

Log on to My Fitness Pal and then weigh and log everything you consume accurately. It’s eye opening how many sneaky calories you can consume without realising it. A cake can have more calories than a roast dinner! So can some sandwiches actually. Once you start realising where you are going wrong it’s easy to make better choices and eat so you don’t go over your calories and can lose weight. It means no food is off limits and if you have something you fancy that’s calorific you just make adjustments the rest of the day or the next couple of days to even it out.

Can’t help you with the gym leggings, I’ve never been in a gym in my life!

starsinyourpies Sun 16-Aug-20 22:01:56

I hear you with cheap leggings. I invest in Sweaty Betty ones as they genuinely make me work out more often and are really flattering, not see through at all! They do good sales but the plain black are most flattering. I am 12-14 and wear medium.


Dozer Sun 16-Aug-20 22:06:08

Would just keep workout wear for exercising and get some practical leggings or trousers that fit well for the outdoorsy stuff.

Are you saying you don’t do those things with your family? (Beach etc). You can do it now, despite feeling uncomfortable about your body, whether or not you lose weight.

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