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Weight loss - Menopause

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Parsley1234 Mon 03-Aug-20 20:54:23

I lost 15lbs and changed my body shape through IF running and yoga through lockdown
I’m 53 post menopause
Posting to give hope to anyone who needs it

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Beautiful3 Mon 03-Aug-20 21:22:49

Well done! You look great! I'm pre menopausal and struggled to lose weight these past 2 years. I've been fasting (5:2) these last 7 weeks and running/cycling. I look and feel so much better.

Parsley1234 Mon 03-Aug-20 21:30:01

@Beautiful3 thank you yes it was harsh not losing weight I tried everything so demoralising but I feal so different now

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Ironicpentameter Tue 04-Aug-20 10:58:40

You look amazing!

Parsley1234 Tue 04-Aug-20 11:58:47

@Ironicpentameter thank you I literally could not get Any loss atall and felt a billion years old 🤣

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Ironicpentameter Tue 04-Aug-20 12:42:21

Are you still losing, or maintaining now? I'm after tips! (Also 53 and post-meno here, doing IF and trying to get the last 5kg off ...)

Chesneyhawkes1 Tue 04-Aug-20 12:56:22

Well done you look fab.

I put on some weight during some treatment I had which put me straight into menopause and it's been hard to shift it.

Normally I'd be able to loose weight fairly easily and I was shocked how tough it was to even shift a few lbs.

I've had HRT sat on the side for almost a week which they say I have to take. But I'm scared to incase I put on weight again.

Parsley1234 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:37:25

I’m maintaining at the moment and am a bit lazy but I’m back on it tomorrow going to greece with a boot camp type person 🤣 want to drop another 7:8lbs
I didn’t do HRT I did acupuncture 3 sessions no symptoms after session 2

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ShitStrategy Tue 04-Aug-20 13:44:39

I'm 47, perimenopausal and really struggling to lose consistently - started HRT 4 months ago. Managed to drop 15 lbs doing a meal replacement diet, walking and eating 800 cals a day, but swiftly got bored when I plateaued. I mean, who maintains on 800 cals a day!

My DH hates me doing IF as he says my breath could floor an elephant. I am back in the mode of idly eating whatever I want, slowly putting the stone I lost back on and wondering why it was so easy to lose 3 stone when I was younger eating 1500 cals a day - I've done it loads of times.

You look fabulous by the way! smile flowers

Parsley1234 Tue 04-Aug-20 15:07:08

@ShitStrategy I did lighter life lost weight and kept most off but doing this really changed my shape and energy levels - I didn’t do HRT as I did acupuncture and I had good success

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