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Losing the baby weight

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Butternutsqoosh Sun 02-Aug-20 14:59:33

After my kids I just walked and walked and walked and it worked a treat (did use SlimmingWorld after the last one too!) keeping your steps at 10k+ every day and staying active will really help. It's still early days for you!

MirrorSignalManoeuvre Sun 02-Aug-20 14:28:14

Anyone else recently had a baby and keen to start losing the excess weight?

I had a c-section almost 8 weeks ago and now feel ready to start working on shedding the pounds.

I gained 46lbs during my pregnancy and dropped 23lbs within a week of giving birth. However, since then, i've fluctuated up and down by 4/5lbs so i'm guessing i'm going to have to work to get the rest off.

My extra weight is evenly distributed but most noticeable around my stomach, hips, bum and back. I want rid of it and would appreciate some company/support to do it if anyone else is in a similar situation and fancies a buddy to help motivate each other to keep on track?!

I'd like to lose 32lbs in total and am aiming to achieve that by the end of the year (2lbs a week is doable).  I'm starting my new healthy eating and exercise regime on Monday (as you do 🙈).

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