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Figure of 8

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donkeyshrekmom Fri 31-Jul-20 21:58:36

Anyone tried Figure of 8 weight-loss/exercise regime?
It just popped up on my FB feed and it looked fun. I’m not an exercise class kind of person but the woman doing it looked so happy.
I know these ads are designed to suck you in exactly like this: using a ‘normal’ person to talk enthusiastically about how it’s changed their lives. Just wondered if anyone here has tried it.

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Shedtheload Sat 01-Aug-20 07:03:04

There are loads of dance-based workouts about and this seems to be another one. If you think it looks fun, why not give it a go. I doubt very much that it has the magical powers it claims though. It’s not possible to spot reduce fat through exercise and exercise alone won’t make you lose weight unless it’s accompanied by a caloric deficit. I actually think that something like Pilates would be better for toning than this but if you love dance then give it a go. I wouldn’t pay anything for it though because it doesn’t offer anything that isn’t already out there for free.

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