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So am 48 tomorrow and need to tone up and shed weight

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AnnaLoch Fri 31-Jul-20 18:51:55

So, please can you inspire me how? I look awful, flabby and cellulite all over. Really don't know where to start

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sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 31-Jul-20 19:11:29

happy birthday for tomorrow! flowers

I would recommend trying swimming, if your local pool is open. It helps tone muscles, but is low impact x

igivein Fri 31-Jul-20 19:26:04

Fasting and low carb to lose weight, walking to tone up (working for mesmile )

prettyinpink29 Fri 31-Jul-20 22:29:51

If you drink alcohol definitely stop that. It was a huge depending factor for me and helped me majorly when I stopped drinking. Much happier since.
Happy birthday for tomorrowsmile

OhioOhioOhio Fri 31-Jul-20 22:32:34

Have you stopped drinking forever pp or just cut back?

I'm going to start daily stretching op, and build up to more exercise.

DumpedByText Fri 31-Jul-20 22:32:52

I'm 51, enough was enough as I was getting bigger and bigger.

I've lost 1st 6lb on the 5:2 fasting plan. All within 3 months to, I've found it very straight forward to. I've got 1st 7lb left to get to goal.

Happy birthday and good luck 😊

Cuddling57 Fri 31-Jul-20 23:05:05

Happy birthday!
I think sweetners make cellulite worse so be careful what you swap drinks for.

prettyinpink29 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:36:53

Stopped drinking altogether apart from special occasions. Made it a lot nicer and something to look forward to also!

Emmie12345 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:39:35

I’m 47 and in much better shape than when I was younger as I do the following ;

Teetotal except v special occasions
Brisk walk of at least 45 mins most mornings except Sunday
Run 2-3 times a week
Something like Pilates or light resistance 3 ish times a week
Keto eating always , under 20g carbs a day (this is the most important thing !)

Happy bday !!

Emmie12345 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:40:50

Oh yes and fast most days 16/8 (I always skip breakfast ) and sometimes try for longer and try not to snack

AnnaLoch Sat 01-Aug-20 17:33:32

Thank you everyone, fasting seems a popular option, how do you cope with the hunger? I also need to stop drinking apart from special occasions!

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Elieza Sat 01-Aug-20 17:53:37

Walking seems to be working for me. And no crap.
If I’m hungry I have something low in calories and low in sugar.
Or a small sandwich.
Sensible dinner. Home made.
Good luck OP. You can do this. I list 2lb last week.

longcoffeebreak Sat 01-Aug-20 18:17:44


Happy birthday!
I think sweetners make cellulite worse so be careful what you swap drinks for.

What sweeteners do you think makes it worse and why? I wondered this too.

Elieza Sun 02-Aug-20 09:46:52

I was told this by my dietician. And that fizzy water or other fizzy drinks lead to cellulite.

All the nice stuff has a price to pay.

Longwhiskers14 Mon 03-Aug-20 09:34:22

I am your age and at the start of lockdown would've described myself the same way, OP. But I started doing PE with Joe Wicks with my DC and since doing it three times a week I've toned up and am starting to lose weight. It's only 25 mins and it's fun to do - now it's stopped, I'm just going back and doing the days we missed out. Being fitter has also made me want to eat better, so I downloaded an app called Food Diary on which I log every meal, junk food treats, alcohol etc but it's NOT a calorie counter. There's absolutely no mention of calories, fat content, carbs etc. Seriously, it's v. v. basic! But it's really made me think about what I'm consuming, so if I have a day where I've logged lots of crisps, the next day I make sure I balance it out with more veg/salad. It's had such a positive impact on how I eat.

Anyhow, whatever you decide to do, good luck with it! I know how tough it is. flowers

Longwhiskers14 Mon 03-Aug-20 09:35:03

Oh, and happy birthday for today!

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