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20 week weightloss challenge...Anyone else want to join me?

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MovinOnUp Wed 29-Jul-20 22:33:22

I have a trip to go on in 20 weeks to a uk resort My daughter is desperate to go horse riding and the weight limit for the horses there is 13 stone.
I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and was 15 stone 8lbs.
I'm down to 14 stone 12lbs today but obviously have a fair bit still to go but hopefully achievable by the holiday.

Anyone want to keep me company in my efforts? I thought I'd start a thread here to keep me focused.

The last two weeks I've been.....

Intermittent fasting (8pm-12noon)
Sticking to 1200 calories or fewer.
No bread or pasta
Walking for an hour every other day.

I'm planning to up the ante on the exercise and find some low impact routines online.

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DustingMyselfOff Wed 29-Jul-20 22:50:13

I will join you! I started calorie counting and monitoring fat intake with my fitness pal on 26th May and as of this morning I am 17lb down.

Have tried and failed many other diets (all the big name ones) but think I got too confused by them all somehow. Simple calorie/fat counting has been much simpler, I dont know why I didnt try this sooner?!

I have to lose weight for health reasons, so am doing this with regular contact with my GP which has been wonderful.

Looking forward to joining you on your journey!

Laufeythejust Wed 29-Jul-20 22:56:16

Yes please! Well done for the weight loss too- that’s the hardest bit out of the way!

I’ve rollercoastered my way through lockdown, doing a mixture of slimming world, eating the entire fridge and then keto. I’m a stone down but would like to lose another (ideally 2 but I won’t push my luck!).

I’ve booked a personal trainer for Monday which I am now regretting as I swam for the first time yesterday and didn’t realise how unfit Ive got. I’m hoping he will give me a workout plan and some form of guide for nutrition. I am currently having carbs for 1 meal only and under 90g for the day. Intermittent fasting from tea until lunch the following day. Keeping to under 1300/1400 calories per day.

MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 00:22:37

Hello @DustingMyselfOff and @Laufeythejust So glad to have company smile
I'm already feeling so much better for losing the weight I have. I'm finding fasting until 12 a doddle, The not eating after 8 p.m is not so easy.
Drinking lots of water helps smile
I've got a fit bit type thing kicking around here somewhere, I'd like to start using this too.
How often do you guys plan to weigh in, I'm not sure whether to do it daily or weekly smile

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MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 00:24:26

Oh I've also bought a big notebook, Going to use it to track food and calories, Workouts and keep motivated.

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NemoRocksMyWorld Thu 30-Jul-20 06:28:04

Hey, can I join too. I started beginning of June. I had definitely put on lockdown weight due to stress eating whilst homeschooling the kids! I'm down 15.5lbs so far ( 16:8 and 1200 calories a day).

I've also completed C25k (well I got to week 7 and then just found I could run). So am running about 45 minutes every other day. Am doing 30day shred occasionally as well.....with my 6 year old, who is better than me 😂. Would like to lose another stone, ideally 2. Had Christmas in mind as a vague idea of about when I'd hopefully hit goal weight. I've been weighing daily, lost 1lb today (which was nice after a 10 day plateau!)... Although really after all this effort for two whole months, I feel I deserve to be a size 8 already!

Laufeythejust Thu 30-Jul-20 09:13:59

@MovinOnUp I can’t help but weigh myself every day. I’ve got a book that I keep my measurements in too! I proper miss tea and biscuits with a Netflix show at night!

Has anyone else found weight gain after starting exercise? It’s only a pound which I think must be water retention but it is really annoying!

yorkshirecountrylass Thu 30-Jul-20 09:17:13

Yes I'll join you. I have a little (!) more than that to lose but 20 weeks takes us to the week before Christmas (sorry, I know!) so it'll be an awesome start. I've previously been guilty of being a slave to the scales so am going to buck the trend and not weigh until 17th December after I do today. Am another one that struggles with midnight feasts too smile

eltsihT Thu 30-Jul-20 09:38:18

I would love to join. I am a massive stress eater, so lockdown has not been good for me. I have been looking in the mirror recently and felt really unhappy with how my clothes look on me. Lumps and bumps in places where they shouldn’t be.

I am looking to loose 8kg, currently hovering around 73kg mark.

I am going back to work on the 11th of August (teacher in Scotland). And we got a puppy In June. I am hoping the change in routine will let me change my eating habits and exercise with dog walking will help me out.

20 weeks to get where to my goal would be awesome

I am waiting for my apple watch to be repaired so going to be trying really hard to close my activity rings when I get it back.

Shedtheload Thu 30-Jul-20 09:52:21

Just one thing about your plan. Make sure to work out your basic metabolic rate BMR, OP and don’t let your calories go below that. If you weigh nearly 15 stone, yours is likely to be higher than 1200 cals. Trust me, going as low as you can from the outset isn’t good for long term success as it’s not sustainable and can affect your metabolism negatively. Work out your TDEE or total daily energy expenditure and then subtract 500 from that to get an appropriate daily level of calories.

I have lost 32 pounds in 18 weeks starting from a not dissimilar weight to yourself, so it’s definitely possible to lose a good amount in that timescale. Good luck!

MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 10:09:31

Thank you @Shedtheload I'll have a look at that and work it out smile
Another 1lb off today,I reckon I will weigh in every day.

I think drinking water is really helping, I must have around 3 or 4 litres a day.

Hello @eltsihT We also got a puppy, I can't wait until he's big enough for proper walks smile

Hello @yorkshirecountrylass midnight feasts used to be my downfall also, I'm filling up on water and herbal tea and basically going to bed early so I don't inhale toast.

Hello @NemoRocksMyWorld That's an incredible weightloss already, Well done. I'd love to be able to run one day.

My first goal is to get under 13 stone to be able to ride the horses when on holiday.
Then 12 stone.
Then I'll concentrate more on improving fitness levels rather than what the scales say.
I won't let myself go below 11 stone (I know that seems really heavy to a lot of people, But I look skeletal under 11 stone)
But I won't let myself go above 12 stone again.

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DustingMyselfOff Thu 30-Jul-20 12:18:03

I weigh myself every day as I need to keep focussed. But my official weigh in is a Tuesday morning. I have dropped breakfast again so am in a way following 16:8 as well as calorie counting. I'm never hungry until lunch time so dont see the point in eating and I can use the calories for a mid aft snack instead. I have myfitnesspal app and log everything on there, I paid £30 to get the premium version for a year as it was still miles cheaper than the £12 a month I paid for WW.

Sootikinstew Thu 30-Jul-20 12:25:48

Yeah go on then.

My TDEE is 2437kcal 😳 that shows you how fat I am.

Sootikinstew Thu 30-Jul-20 12:28:23

I am also doing 16:8 OP since last Friday.

I am also limiting my calories to 1500 a day which is so much easier over two meals than 3 plus snacks.

I do feel better already in that I don't feel so heavy and bloated and have a bit more energy.

Though this week is Aunt Flo week so yesterday wasn't a great one for intake and willpower though still stuck to my fasting hours.

MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 13:09:42

@DustingMyselfOff I am just on the normal my fitness pal at the moment, Is the premium one much better?

@Sootikinstew Hello, Getting rid of that bloated feeling is great isn't it smile
We can totally do this smile

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WhenDoISleep Thu 30-Jul-20 13:22:10

I'll join in if I may as 20 weeks seems like a solid goal to work on? I'm starting from a similar point - around 15st - I will weigh myself properly tomorrow morning. I'm happy in one way that I have put on less than 7lbs during lockdown, but I am very aware I have slipped back into very bad eating habits around sweets and chocolates.

I am going to use MFP to log everything I eat - I used it consistently a few years ago and lost about 40lbs (starting at 15st 10 that time) but since then the weight has crept back on. I'm noticing little things like my feet aching when I stand for a while and acid reflux being more common - all of which disappear when I weigh less. I need to up my water intake and drop the nightly chocolate for a start.

DustingMyselfOff Thu 30-Jul-20 15:10:04

I've got no idea if the premium one is any better to be honest as I dont know the difference between that and the free one. I just got carried away when it flashed up as a free trial for a month then decided to pay for the year. Not a helpful answer at all, sorry!

MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 18:10:24

@WhenDoISleep Hello, It's nice to have others along on the journey.
@DustingMyselfOff smile I'll stick with the free version for now I reckon...Just had to shell out on school uniforms so saving money where I can smile

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solait Thu 30-Jul-20 19:18:52

Hi @MovinOnUp I will join you if that's ok. I am going to start tomorrow so I will weigh myself first thing and report back.

My plan is to stop being such a pig and stop eating all day long.

MovinOnUp Thu 30-Jul-20 22:49:10

Welcome along @solait smile

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solait Fri 31-Jul-20 08:10:44

Thanks for the welcome @MovinOnUp

I went to weigh myself earlier but the scales must need a new battery as they appear to be dead.

I know that I am around 12stone. I will go to town and pick up a battery today.

How are you all doing? It's going to be a hot one today so I am going out for a dog walk before it gets too hot.

Is there is set weigh day for you all?

MovinOnUp Fri 31-Jul-20 10:29:48

Hey @solait I'm weighing in every day, 14 stone 10 today, Happy with that (well not happy with the overall weight obviously but happy it's on the way down.
Roasting up here in the highlands of Scotland, You know you're middle-aged when your first thought on a sunny day is 'Great, I'll get loads of washing dry' smile
Last night met and went for a walk with a friend from a book series fandom we both follow and she has recommended a set of scales that I'm going to get. I'll share the link here when she sends it to me. My scales are ancient.

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DustingMyselfOff Fri 31-Jul-20 10:34:15

Roasting top here in North Yorkshire. 1 load of washing done early this morning, just about to put in another load. Got so far behind waiting for the nice weather that never came!

Morning weigh in has put me in a bad mood, 4lb on apparently! I'm trying to ignore it as my official weigh in day is still a few days away and that's the one I go by!

DustingMyselfOff Fri 31-Jul-20 10:35:15

'Roasting too' that should read.... damn typo!

magicmallow Fri 31-Jul-20 10:36:29

Can I join OP? Need to lose about 2 stone. Doing quite well the last week or so!

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