Can dieting cause insomnia?

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Earlybird Sat 29-Sep-07 14:22:17

Four days ago I finally began the much delayed diet. For the last few nights, I've slept very badly (waking up every 90 mins or so) - even lurked on MNet from 3-4AM last night. Eventually I had a big glass of water and managed to sleep for another 2 hours.

Could dieting and insomnia/sleeping badly be somehow linked? Any remedies/suggestions? I'm not only hungry, I'm tired! grin

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bossybritches Sun 30-Sep-07 09:38:01

Probabaly low blood sugar earlybird-here found this on an Insomnia website!

"Have a light snack before bedtime. Hunger and hypoglycemia cause insomnia in all animals, and humans are no exception. For your snack, eat foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, such as milk and turkey, which contributes to sleep"

Would a supper snack of a bowl of cereal (like bran flakes or porridge) be mucking up your diet too much?

Earlybird Mon 01-Oct-07 01:47:11

bossybritches - thanks for information. Interesting to think there could actually be physiological link/remedy for the insomnia.

I thought I was coming down with a cold/sore throat also, but now know it's mild allergies. That could be a cause of insomnia too, I should think.

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TitcHt48 Mon 29-May-17 18:26:38

Does dieting affect your sleep

TitcHt48 Mon 29-May-17 18:46:18

Anyone can help me please I "think" I need to re-join mumsnet cos I haven't been on for a long time can anyone advice me
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