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Please share your realistic and doable meal plan ideas for steady weight loss with me

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Peabody25 Thu 16-Jul-20 10:19:51

That's brilliant thank you. Do you mind me asking have you maintained or lost weight eating like this? I'm hoping to lose anything up to a stone.

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Squigget Wed 15-Jul-20 22:25:37

I am broadly trying to stick to about 1200 calories a day. I do pretty well with my meals but need to stop snacking... A typical day for me would be:
Breakfast - Overnight Oats made from 100g Skyr, 30g frozen raspberries, 40g porridge oats and 100g full fat Greek yoghurt. This comes to around 350 calories. I have this every day for breakfast. It's easy to make (I make up 3 days of pots of this at a time) and the oats, protein and fat keep me filled up.
Lunch - 100g mushrooms dry fried (no oil) and then 2 eggs scrambled in. Big helping of cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Approx 200 calories.
Tea - I have whatever we're having as a family but am more measured with my portion sizes and have minimal pasta / rice / potatoes.
Unfortunately I've today snacked on a 2 finger kit kat, small slice of homemade banana cake and a slice of chocolate cheesecake blush not because I was hungry but because I could. My own fault really for having them in the house.
I use My Fitness Pal to track and find it very useful.

Peabody25 Wed 15-Jul-20 20:55:17


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Peabody25 Tue 14-Jul-20 18:33:32

I can, it sounds silly but I just don't know what constitutes healthy any more. So if I had cereal/ porridge/ muesli with fruit for breakfast then a sandwich or wrap for lunch with cherry tomatoes, cereal and fruit for lunch, then pasta with sauce/ sausage casserole/ homemade pizza/ omelette/ homemade curry/ slow cooker casseroles for tea all with plenty of veg, would that be classed as a healthy way of eating if I wanted to lose weight?

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30not13 Tue 14-Jul-20 18:29:51

Could you go by recommended serving sizes on packets?

Peabody25 Tue 14-Jul-20 18:11:58

I need help to work out what I should be eating and portion sizes.

I'm 39, 5ft 4 and 11st 10lb. I'm constantly losing and gaining anything up to 10lbs.

I've tried weight watchers, slimming world, exante, slimfast, calorie counting, my fitness pal, 5:2 etc and I've just lost sight of what a normal healthy way of eating is and what type of food constitutes this.

I want to get down to 10st 10lbs ideally, which would be amazing and I've not been that weight since my early twenties.

I can't stick to diets for any length of time and just want someone to tell me what I should be eating that's 'normal' food and not a diet, more a way of life so I can stick to it even though it'll take me longer than a diet would.

What's a realistic meal plan? I don't like fish, shellfish or anything like that but open to suggestions otherwise. I'd like to allow the odd treat as well.

I've a DH and DS who's 7, so ideally need main meals to be something we can all eat but breakfast and lunch can be just for me.

Has anyone lost weight by eating sensibly and watching what you ate? What did you eat in a standard day?

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