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Has anyone else yo-yo'd the same 2 stone since forever?

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Chaosreigns123 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:45:37

I've been yo-yo dieting between 9-11 stone since I was a teenager. I'm 5"5, very happy and always feel great at 9 stone. 10 seems to be where I always end up, 11 is where I've let myself go half the year and ate everything in sight.

I lost 1 stone again last year, got back to under 10, have kept it off, trying to lose more and can probably do it if I try hard, but spend a lot of time just wanting to stuff myself with takeaway and cake.

Anyone else like this?

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BacklashStarts Mon 13-Jul-20 20:46:56

Yes, I have lost gained and lost and gained the same 20lbs since my first pregnancy sad

Cavagirl Mon 13-Jul-20 21:52:47

Not quite since forever.... I'm a similar height to you and have a similar "happy-usual-feel fat" weight range...I crept up to 11st and a bit by start of last year, having gone up/down in 10-11 stone range for a few years before using Fast 5:2 to get back down to 10ish stone & then creeping back up again... start of last year decided enough was enough & got down to 9.5st on Dukan, took about 7 months but with a few holidays/cheat weeks in the middle.
For various reasons I didn't do the Consolidation part of the diet which aims to stabilise your weight and - as promised - 10 months later I was back at just over 11st confused
So I'm back on the Dukan wagon now... promising myself I'll do it properly this time....
I've read that your body eventually becomes resistant to weight loss though and if you yoyo enough times it becomes harder & harder to lose?? Anyone found that?
I'm finding a slower loss this time which I'm not sure if is due to this yoyo effect or (probably more likely) lack of exercise this time around with gyms being closed etc.
Determined to keep it off this time, I hate dieting. Bloody dreaming of pasta and bread.

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