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Loosing weight in detail-join in with me (please!)

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Redcups64 Mon 13-Jul-20 09:12:07


Lots of good threads on here but I see quite a few with lots of posts saying there in, their weight and goal weight ect, but I want to know what people are eating along with their exercise as recipes and food is such a weak point for me. So I’m going to list daily here what I’m doing so I can come back in a month and see if it’s working- feel free to join me pleeeaaasssse but also list what you plan to eat or what you do eat if you could.

Weight 9st10
Goal weight 8st3

This morning I’ve exercised for 40 minutes. I have no form and I’m so weak but I did sweat and feel some deep stretches so taking that as a win. I need to add cardio to my workout routine somewhere in the week.

Also did a hair treatment and shave whilst showering so winning at life this morning- great start!

Breakfast - berry smoothie with green stuff chucked in
Lunch-fish salad
Dinner- I plan on having couscous salad and prawns

Snacks- make gronola bars maybe? Maybe another smoothie- I need to go shopping


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Redcups64 Tue 14-Jul-20 11:15:56

Brilliant day yesterday! Got lots done at work too so feel great.

Didn't manage shopping yesterday so not sure what I’m going to eat today shock also ate no bad food yesterday!! That’s a shocker for me. Hopped on the scales after one day and lost 3lb-I know it’s not real but still feels great grin

No exercise today as going on a long walk with family anyway

Breakfast- scrambled eggs on white bread
Lunch white bread tuna sandwich
Snack -berry smoothie
Dinner- fish and broccoli
If I mange just tuna with no bread for lunch I’ll have a small treat for dessert instead

Go shopping!

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