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Noom - do not sign up!!!!

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RachelPPPP Sat 11-Jul-20 12:40:44

Noom is a scam. I signed up for their free trial for 2 weeks back in February and it only gave me access to a couple of things. It said that more features would be released to me after a week. I was unable to accurately assess if it would suit me and what it was really offering. After a couple of weeks the App stopped working. The message said "Opps we got an error this may be caused by your phone not being connected to the internet. Please try again."

I am connected to the internet and I have adequate data. I tried many many times and it never worked. I gave up because I assumed that the app was no longer working because your company went bust or something. Or maybe your company stopped functioning because of the virus.

I have never been able to use the App since. Not after changing the password, nothing. But Noom is charging me for a full subscription! It's charging me £99 every four months for something that doesn't work. When I go onto their web page and log in it says I have a subscription till 11/02/2020 and indicated a payment was taken on 07/02/2020 and it does not show the £99 payments it has taken. It says in you can only cancel your subscription via the App!! Which doesn't work. There are no customer support numbers to call or chat services. You can send an email but you just get an automated reply. It's a totally and utter con! DO NOT SIGN UP!!!!

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growinggreyer Sat 11-Jul-20 12:45:21

How did you pay for it? Can you cancel it through your bank and charge it back?

PatricksRum Sat 11-Jul-20 12:45:58

You can cancel things in your iTunes account if you set up the payment via iTunes.
I didn't like the app either.

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