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Ideas for healthy snacks please

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Gadea Sat 11-Jul-20 10:54:22


I have recently stopped smoking and I am dreading putting on weight. I am already overweight and TTC my first baby so I am trying to lose weight.

I have started doing some exercise (walking, yoga) and reducing my portions however where I really struggle is with snacking. I don’t particularly like sweet foods so fruit is not very appealing to me. My go to snacks would be crisps or toast.

Does anyone have any suggestions on snacks that I can have readily available (preparing them in advance) or prepare relatively quickly? Hopefully on the savoury side smile


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Whiskas1Kittens Sat 11-Jul-20 10:56:26

There's a nice spicy roasted chickpeas recipe weight watchers!

Gadea Sat 11-Jul-20 22:43:38

@Whiskas1Kittens Thanks! That sounds very nice!

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MonsteraCheeseplant Sun 12-Jul-20 20:12:43

Air popped popcorn with any seasoning aside from sugar.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 12-Jul-20 20:21:04

Cheese scones

blue25 Sun 12-Jul-20 20:24:22

Oatcakes with almond butter.

MonsteraCheeseplant Sun 12-Jul-20 20:26:11

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon

Hazelnutlatteplease Sun 12-Jul-20 20:28:21

Popcorn, chicken bites, rice cakes, sugar free jelly

veryvery Sun 12-Jul-20 21:13:03

My advice would be to go cold turkey on snacks. Have 3 nutritious meals a day and then keep busy so you don't eat through boredom. Cut out sugary and very starchy foods as they can make you feel more hungry.

Sairafina Sun 12-Jul-20 21:19:08

Almonds! They have loads of health benefits and it really is amazing how 15 or so fill you up as a snack

Oly4 Sun 12-Jul-20 21:21:16

Ryvita with a smear of cream cheese
Any of the single serving packs of popcorn
Olives and picked onions

NannyR Sun 12-Jul-20 21:21:31

I find that eating more protein and fat and cutting down on white and processed carbs and eating plenty at mealtimes really helps me to stop craving snacks and keeps my blood sugars steady. For me, snacking on carby things (even supposedly healthy options) just puts me in a cycle of craving more snacks - if I eat things like nuts, boiled eggs, peanut butter it keeps those cravings under control, they satisfy me longer and I don't need to eat snacks as much, if at all.

EssentialHummus Sun 12-Jul-20 21:23:20

What very said. No snacks at all, cut them out and you'll likely find you stop getting the mid-afternoon dips and cravings for them.

Theredjellybean Sun 12-Jul-20 21:25:20

Don't snack.. Its pretty simple.
You don't need snacks and there is some misconceptions that we must keep eating.. Constantly.

By even thinking about what is a healthy snack you are deluding yourself that you need this extra food... You don't.

Eat when you are hungry, and onky for that reason. Do not eat when you are bored, lonely, sad, happy, think you should... Etc

Find something else to self soothe yourself with.

I retrained myself to do this... By replacing the crisps etc at six o'clock with a bath, the biscuits at 11am with a brisk walk.
I learnt to reward or compensate myself with other things instead of food..

I lost five stone after a lifetime of being obese.. And kept it off for 13 yrs,

You don't need snacks...

peanutbutterandbananas Sun 12-Jul-20 21:42:41

Carrots and low fat hummus, cut up pieces of Granny Smith

peanutbutterandbananas Sun 12-Jul-20 21:42:52

Carrots and low fat hummus, cut up pieces of Granny Smith

Gadea Mon 13-Jul-20 10:03:50

Thanks all.

Most of the time I snack due to being hungry but yes, sometimes it’s out of boredom.

I have lunch at 12 and due to commitments most nights I don’t have dinner until 9pm.

I think that the easiest way would be to try and change my evenings so that I can have dinner earlier and that way going cold turkey on snacks would be easier!

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EssentialHummus Mon 13-Jul-20 12:47:02

With that kind of eating pattern a “one meal a day” type diet might work for you OP.

Indecisivelurcher Mon 13-Jul-20 13:11:12

What about having your main meal at lunch time? Then a lunch type meal later on. Very common across the continent smile

SchrodingersImmigrant Mon 13-Jul-20 14:17:41

I have 5 meals a day now, 2 would be classed as snacks I guess. I have long break between lunch and dinner too and this prevents me from coming into the kitchen famished and having hungry eyes.

I have various ryvita things with things😁 All super quick to make and most can be taken out in some bag or box.
For example:
-Rye ryvita with quark or soft cheese, fresh herb and slice of chorizo (turkey) - 53 cal each. I usually have 2 so 106 cal
- "tzaziky" with full fat yogurt, cucumber and 2 ryvita thins - 98 cal
- apple and carrot grated salad - 114 cal
- 2 ryvita rye, lower fat cheddar few drops of worcestershire sauce - 128

I have these often with quark and herbs because I love the flavour of it. I keep my snack about 100 cal and it really helps me stay on track in general.

SchrodingersImmigrant Mon 13-Jul-20 14:18:30

The second snack is an evening treat for later🙈

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