HELP! Watching myself expand and need to shrink!

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JeffVaderneedsatray Tue 07-Jul-20 17:56:03

I'm 52, probably menopausal.
5 foot 2
Currently weighing in at 16 stone 10lbs so morbidly obese.
The more I try to diet the larger I get.
I do well to start with but then I can't sustain it, fall off the wagon and then get bigger.
I've done SW, WW, Rosemay Conley, something where I counted 'fat units', Fast Diet, Blood sugar diet.........
Currently trying some hypnosis but it would appear I am unhypnotiseable.
I'm a complete sugar addict - if I don't eat it then I don't eat it but one sniff of chocolate and bosh! A million chocolate bars and biscuits later I feel bleugh and disgusting.
I am reasonably active though - Irish dance, karate and walking.

I just need to make slow but positive changes.
I need it to stop.

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