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MrsAliAbabwa Tue 07-Jul-20 15:39:43

Posting this as a shameless celebration, name changed from my usual username as I know some people IRL on here.

As of today I am 100lbs lighter than I was on the 1st January 2019! It's the only new years resolution I've ever stuck to 🎉 I've gone from a size 22 to a size 14-16. I have 1 stone 12lbs to get to my final target where I will be a healthy BMI, but I've never actually been a healthy weight as an adult so I've no idea what my "ideal" weight is and whether I'll be happy with how I look (well, I'll never be 100% happy because I will most likely have lots of loose skin)

I know there is no real point to this thread but I felt like I just wanted to acknowledge that I've actually done something good, normally I beat myself up over my failures but don't give myself enough credit.

I'd love to know where other people are with their weightloss/fitness and hear from other people so if you have a victory please feel free to share it with me 😊

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Chickoletta Tue 07-Jul-20 15:43:11

Amazing! Well done you. 🍾

HoneysuckIejasmine Tue 07-Jul-20 15:43:48

Congratulations! I was on the 100lbs to lose threads on here a few years ago. I got down to 96lbs lost before I got very ill and gained a few stone back. I'm now back to 76lbs ish and kicking myself that I got so close blush Still, can't help our health and I'm so excited to get back to it and hit 100lbs soon (and then the other 12 or so to reach a healthy BMI)

But yes, huge well done! Or, not so huge any more well done! wink

Shedtheload Tue 07-Jul-20 15:51:48

Wow! You’re an amazing inspiration. Well done. That takes some serious determination to lose that amount of weight. As for the skin, lots of awesome people on Instagram who have lost loads of weight celebrate their loose skin as it’s a reminder of how far they have come.

oooompa Tue 07-Jul-20 15:58:34

Thank you all, I still can't believe I managed it, or that I got so big in the first place. It's been tough, but I'm determined not to go back. I follow a LCHF way of eating which has finally helped me conquer sugar addiction and binge eating. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat exactly what I want, as I can't seem to eat sensible portions and have "just a little" of something like pizza or chocolate. For me I've found it easier just to give it up completely.

Honeysucklejasmine i'm really sorry to hear about your health problems, but the fact you have still lost so much weight and are back on the wagon is so amazing. I remember reading the thread you mentioned, I never joined as it was already well established but I loved reading about other people who had similar goals to me.

Shedtheload thank you 😳 I think loose skin for me will be a reminder of how far I've come. I am not going to be wearing a bikini anytime soon but that's ok. I'd rather have loose skin than be the unhappy, unhealthy person I was. It used to hurt getting up from the settee!

Cheesecake53 Tue 07-Jul-20 16:13:37

That is great!!!!

HoneysuckIejasmine Tue 07-Jul-20 16:14:38

Oh my gosh absolutely. The inconvenience of loose skin is nothing compared to being so overweight!

Algiz Tue 07-Jul-20 22:30:49

Ive lost 141bs, 7lbs away from a healthy BMI. Has taken me 3 years, and in that time I’ve saved up for a tummy tuck which I’ll be booking in early next year! I do have some loose skin on my arms and legs too, but I think I can probably tone that as it’s not too bad. The stomach though - melted candle grin
Congratulations on your amazing journey - quick too! I’m also on LCHF, but I’ve been doing the Fast800 diet for 12 weeks, so I’m a bit unsure if I should be counting calories now or just eating to fullness - do you count calories or just carbs?

HoneysuckIejasmine Tue 07-Jul-20 22:48:10

141!!! Good grief that's incredible!

RooKangaroo Sat 11-Jul-20 19:28:06

Op that's amazing, well done you! You must feel fantastic.

Also well done to you, @HoneysuckIejasmine. I also followed the 100lbs thread a while back and remember you. So sorry to hear you've been ill, and well done for getting back on it. I found your posts so inspiring.

Greatdomestic Sat 11-Jul-20 22:07:24

Congratulations, that is a fantastic achievement.

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