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Which scales to buy?

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SistemaAddict Mon 06-Jul-20 11:38:21

My scales are old and have gone rusty so time for some new ones. Recommendations please smile Nothing too expensive.

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Cavagirl Tue 07-Jul-20 22:32:32

I've got Tanita BC-731 Family Health Monitor Scales, about £40-50 ish from John Lewis I think although you might find cheaper online. They came up one of the which best buys when I got them a few years ago.
They do fat/visceral fat etc which I don't use much but certainly gave me a kick up the butt when I first used them as it gave my "body age" as ten years older, due to fat!
I like them because they look quite nice and seem to weigh really accurately. They are also precise to 0.2lb so if you want to weigh yourself every day while dieting you get a better view of small changes.
You can also save your old results of the full body scan etc although have to say I'm definitely not using this functionality to it's full!
Had analogue scales before but these have definitely converted me to digital.

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