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Binge Eating

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CreepyPasta Sun 05-Jul-20 19:25:58


Has anyone managed to stop binge eating and lose weight?? If so can you please tell me how?

My meals are healthy, I just can’t stop myself from eating rubbish at night. I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember but it got worse after having my daughter and intensified even more once lockdown started. I’ve read all the self help books and seen a psychotherapist but nothing seems to click with me. Its definitely psychological as it’s always the same foods I’ll binge on (chocolate, crisps, sweets etc) I would never binge on anything healthy. At the moment I can’t even go for 1 day a week without doing it, I will drive to 24hr garages to buy things which is what I’m doing most days as I won’t buy any rubbish in the weekly shop.

I am currently 4 stone overweight and pre-diabetic.

Can anyone help or give me any advice on how to stop??

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Shedtheload Sun 05-Jul-20 20:33:51

I haven’t binged for 14 weeks now. It’s the first time I have gone that long without doing it. Before that, I would binge at least once a week, often more than that, sometimes bingeing several days in a row. It’s hard to say what it was really because I don’t think there is a magic solution but it was a combination of stuff. For me, it was a feeling that this had gone far enough. I realised that I was more than three stone overweight, in the obese range, I looked terrible, felt terrible etc. I felt so depressed all the time. It was also the Covid pandemic that triggered something in me. I had to do it. I did one day at a time, focusing on eating healthy and not going over 1750 calories. I walked 10000 steps a day, every day. Each day I would just focus on getting through that day and worry about everything else later. It was hard at first but got easier and easier. It’s fine now- I don’t feel many urges to binge.
I have lost 2 stone so far, one stone to go. Good luck, OP. You can do it. Take it one day at a time.

Isbutteracarb Sun 05-Jul-20 20:41:18

Watching with interest as I have the same problem sad

AnaViaSalamanca Mon 06-Jul-20 11:01:13

I used to binge eat when I was in my 20s. It's completely psychological, a combination of boredom, self loathing, and rewarding myself. I haven't done it for years now and am in a better place. You say your meals are healthy, but do you eat enough protein? Also do you exercise?

IMO the best way is to gradually wean yourself off. I know I had sugar addiction and it took a long time to get over it. Try to only limit your binges to one thing rather than many (I feel sweet and salty is a vicious cycle). Then try to only binge on the healthier version of the same thing. Might work.

CreepyPasta Mon 06-Jul-20 20:21:02

Thank you for the replies.

First day today, just brushed my teeth and I’m off to bed with a book to try and distract myself!

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