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Headaches after eating carbs

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MonicaBingaling Thu 02-Jul-20 16:16:39

I’ve been doing a low carb diet since April which has worked really well for weight loss

However I’ve noticed this week when eating pasta or rice I’ve got a really bad headache afterwards sad I am due on my periods in a few days so it could be my hormones reacting to the carbs I’m not sure.

The diet I’ve been following Has just been LOW carbs,( not cutting out carbs completely )

It’s not keto or anything. I will normally have a cheeseburger in a bun at the weekends and the occasional bit of pasta and eat lots of rye bread in the week.

Has anyone else had this?

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MonicaBingaling Thu 02-Jul-20 18:29:02

Does anyone else get this?

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