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Tape measuring for change

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Swearwolf Sun 28-Jun-20 09:11:42

Anyone fancy a thread where we measure loss through measurements rather than weight?

I only have a stone to lose, one dress size, but at my height that's not easy. I keep losing and gaining the same 6lb! Part of my problem is that my weight fluctuates so much that I don't really trust it, and as such it's impossible to see progress. That demotivates me and I start eating again. I'm trying to break that cycle!

Anyone fancy a thread where we measure progress through measurements instead of weight?

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Swearwolf Sun 28-Jun-20 10:26:51

No takers but I'm gonna put this here anyway - the start of my tracking! I'm down this morning, thank goodness, though it may be that I'm holding the tape measure tighter...

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Lua Sun 28-Jun-20 10:31:59

I have tried doing so, but I always find it hard to be consistent with my measurement? How are you planning on doing?

Shedtheload Sun 28-Jun-20 10:36:24

Ooh good luck! I have managed to get about 8 cm off my waist over the past 6 weeks or so. Unfortunately I didn’t take any measurements when I first started but I have now managed to get my waist size below the ‘of concern’ level of 80 cm. given that I have lost quite a lot off my stomach, I am pretty sure that I started off at over 88 cm which is classed as ‘serious risk’.

Swearwolf Sun 28-Jun-20 12:35:40

That's brilliant @Shedtheload, I hope I can have your discipline! Have you found it easier than going by weight, mentally I mean?

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Swearwolf Sun 28-Jun-20 12:38:19

@Lua that's my worry too, that I'll pull it tighter one day. Most bits of me have a very obvious place to put the tape, my waist is quite defined and I have hip dips, so placement should be consistent.

I think the longer I do it, the easier it will be to spot anomalies and a hopeful downward trend. Hopefully anyway!

Lockdown hasn't been kind to me and I'm aiming to be a size 10 (currently a 12) by the time my office opens back up.

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Lua Sun 28-Jun-20 13:55:26

Good luck! I have found a "jeans when skinny" in the back of my closet. I'll stop my crazy diet whe I can close it confortably :-)

Shedtheload Sun 28-Jun-20 16:52:31

I do weigh as well and as it takes about 3 pounds or so to get a 1 cm change in measurements, weighing is actually better at cheering me up because the scale changes more often than the tape measure! Tape measure is good where you’re at a plateau though and it’s definitely great to have a record over time of how much you have shrunk!

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