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Anyone fancy starting Joe Wicks 15 mins a day with me?

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magicmallow Fri 26-Jun-20 23:10:12

I've just started complete beginners, done only two sessions (with a break in between). Could do with a buddy or two to track progress, keep motivated. see how we do! I'm thinking take it relatively easy, so allow a couple of rest days or so every week. If anyone wants to buddy up let me know. Freebie videos on youtube. smile

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Backtobackagain Sun 28-Jun-20 23:21:28

I’ll join you! Just had a look and found day 1, going to aim to do it tomorrow before I start home school. Was doing pe with joe at the beginning of lockdown, but my boys lost interest quickly and I just started snacking instead. Have put on a stone since start of lockdown and I’m really cross with myself as this just gives me even more to lose! But determined to start shifting it now. Think I need to start with morning exercise to try and get me motivated before I sabotage myself with poor food choices!

motherofawhirlwind Sun 28-Jun-20 23:28:30

I've started doing The Body Project workouts on YouTube as there's a couple that are very low impact, but they're still hard and you get a real sweat on!

Will go and look at Joe's ones as it'd be nice to have buddies, but I do like the Body Project chaps voice, EQ and attitude alot more than I did Joe's on the PE sessions!

HowManyNameChangesNow Sun 28-Jun-20 23:36:49

I'd be interested in joining you. Might actually end up doing it if I had to keep up with you lot.

Backtobackagain Mon 29-Jun-20 08:24:27

I’ll check out the body project. Don’t really mind what I do, just need to get into a routine with something. Just about to go pull my leggings on and get you tube up!

Backtobackagain Mon 29-Jun-20 09:09:02

Just did day 1 15 minutes hiit. Please that I’ve got it done and hopefully it will now lead to good choices through the day!

magicmallow Mon 29-Jun-20 11:00:07

hi all, sorry just seen these responses! Great that I have some buddies. I have to say I did two workouts, a couple of days rest in between both and my poor muscles after the second one were killing me for two days!! Just recovering a bit now. I wonder if I pushed myself too hard, maybe I need to do shorter bursts for the first few maybe 5 mins a day until I get up to speed a bit more, mixed with yoga?? then work up to 15 mins a day when the muscles are a bit more used to it? Or is that wussing out. I could barely walk!! Does anyone have experience with starting it and similar things happening?

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Backtobackagain Mon 29-Jun-20 11:24:03

I do think that joe wicks misses the cool down, which you do still need to do to avoid the muscle ache. I expect I will feel sore tomorrow as I am just so unfit and my body will protest. I think you should pace yourself enough so that you are not in complete agony, otherwise you won’t stick with it. It’s not wussing out- it is making sure it’s sustainable. How often are you planning to do it?

Backtobackagain Tue 30-Jun-20 11:08:21

Did day 2 today. I hurt. But I decided that pushing through the aches from day 1 might work. We’ll see tomorrow if that was a good approach or not!

motherofawhirlwind Tue 30-Jun-20 23:08:23

I've done 3 different Body Project no impact routines now and no real ache-ing afterwards but 450-600 calories burnt apparently, in 30-40 minutes. I'm certainly working hard and sweating buckets but I am huge so that's to be expected really.

Squigget Wed 01-Jul-20 20:54:44

I too am a complete exercise novice. I've been doing the Emi Wong 15 minute beginner HIIT workout on and off for the last week.

I'm finding it well pitched and paced for a beginner. Would love to hear of other suggestions people might have as I'm struggling to find another workout I enjoy to mix it up a bit. I'll definitely have a go at one of The Body Project workouts though.

magicmallow Wed 01-Jul-20 21:01:56

oooh well done everyone. I had a few days off because of the butt burn!! I am doing some tomorrow, may well try some of the other suggestions here. And maybe a bit less. I will defo try a warm down. Also saw mr motivator on instagram - was motivated (looks easier than joe wicks!!) to try tomorrow. Not hiit but looked good!

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magicmallow Thu 02-Jul-20 11:41:51

@Squigget just did the emi wong as suggested, seems less full on than Joe wicks and better for beginners! I don't anticipate aching as much as I did the other day. thank you for the suggestion smile will aim to do it again tomorrow

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Squigget Mon 06-Jul-20 22:19:52

@magicmallow how are you getting on?
I tried the Emi Wong 30 minute and 45 minute workouts too but found they contained too many moves I found too difficult blush Am going to stick to the 15 minute beginner one and I also like the 10 minute stretching one. Have you tried any others?

motherofawhirlwind Tue 07-Jul-20 23:10:59

@Squigget did you try a Body Project one? How did you get on?

I did an intermediate one on Friday and had a little knee pain all weekend so went back to beginners on Monday but did it twice through. Nearly died but was determined!

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