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Gutted no loss

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rayn Thu 25-Jun-20 08:38:13

So the husband and I started a healthy weight loss plan. We have both stuck to it rigidly. I have 3 stone to lose whereas he has around 4.
First week weigh in and for him. 5lb
First week weigh in for me - nada. Not even half a pound.
Gutted! I could seriously cry. Don't know if it's my age 46 or if I have missed something.
Any ideas?

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rayn Thu 25-Jun-20 08:39:57

Forgot to say! I feel slimmer, less bloated so really confused why no weight loss.

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P0lka Thu 25-Jun-20 08:44:53

Could be constipation or water retention, or it could be that you've calculated your calorie requirements too high/not been as diligent as possible with portion sizes and calorie tracking as you ought to be.
Without a bit more info it's hard to say smile

rayn Thu 25-Jun-20 09:41:53

I know. Ha ha just can't let my husband be skinny whilst I stay fat. Only thing he has done different to me is he has drunk twice the amount of water.

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Purplequalitystreet Thu 25-Jun-20 11:08:22

That'll be it. Try more water this week and it will drop off. Are you on your period? That can affect things too.

Don't give up. If you are eating better you will lose

OneForTheRoadThen Thu 25-Jun-20 16:10:23

Are you eating less than him or the same?

rayn Thu 25-Jun-20 18:50:15

Eating less definitely! Read up on it a bit and it can hit the second week! Fingers crossed.

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