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What do you do about clothes???

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SultanasofPing Thu 25-Jun-20 07:36:18

Previously when I've lost a bit and then inevitably gained a bit more I've always kept my larger sized clothes - I guess because experience has shown me I put it back on and maybe as a bit of an insurance so I've always got something to wear.
So those people who've lost enough to drop clothes sizes what do you do?
Keep the bigger ones or throw as you get out of that size????

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Standrewsschool Thu 25-Jun-20 07:59:28

I keep staples such as jeans, work clothes etc, and better quality stuff. I’ve lost a stone (hooray), and have a bag of the next size down in the loft which I need to get down.

OddestSock Thu 25-Jun-20 08:17:27

I got rid of mine after i had kept the weight off for a few months. It's been an incentive not to put it back on.

I'd never really treated myself to nice clothes when I was larger as I didn't feel like I deserved them, so I was happy to get rid!

SultanasofPing Thu 25-Jun-20 21:57:32

Hmm so do you think get rid once I'm comfortably in the size below?
Thing is I've been overweight for so long I can't imagine not needing my size 18s but I guess if I'm a 16 comfortably I could do it then but not immediately

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AngelzEye Fri 26-Jun-20 00:19:46

I used to be a perpetual 'yo-yo' so I only started to get rid of my larger clothes once I found I'd maintained a stable weight for over a year. Even then I was quite cautious lol, couldn't believe something had worked for me. I'd just put them away in a bag somewhere and hopefully never see them on again!

I never found throwing out larger clothes worked as an 'incentive' at all. I've did it once, with good intentions, but later came to regret it because I just had to buy more large clothes again. It was my previous bad dieting strategies that made me unable to maintain my weight loss and no amount of throwing clothes out was going to correct the rebound effect on my body/brain chemistry.

On a brighter note, it's great to still have your old clothes when you've lost a lot of weight because then you can really see how far you've come.

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