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Weighed myself and in shock 😫

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Youngatheart00 Mon 15-Jun-20 19:31:30

My BMI is 29, I’m bordering on obese. My body is a complete mess. I used to be fit and IVF and depression has completely trashed my body. I don’t know where to start 😭

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ThornsInMySides Mon 15-Jun-20 19:37:56

Hi, come and join a thread I started last night. I can't link from mobile but it's in weight loss chat, Fuck, some serious dieting and princessing required.

quarentini Mon 15-Jun-20 19:39:19

I cried when I realised I was 4 stone over weight

Toddlerteaplease Mon 15-Jun-20 19:41:28

Mine is 30.8. I'm curvy but certainly not obese and pretty fit. I was once at my recommend weight of 9 st and it was a really bad place to be.

Youngatheart00 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:00:29

Thanks all. I do tend to be heavy for my size (am a size 8/10 at 10 stone) But I’ve just weighed in at 13st 3. Devastated - I thought I’d be pushing 12 and that felt like enough of a mountain to climb.

Easy to see how it’s happened though, IVF weight combined with prob 2lb weight gain per week all the way through lockdown. Been comfort eating and boozing like there’s no tomorrow with only a token attempt at exercise.

Will try and find your thread @ThornsInMySides

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Shedtheload Mon 15-Jun-20 21:01:00

Oh OP, you can definitely do it! I also thought I was about twelve and a half and was horrified to find I was 14 and a half. I felt so stupid for not realising how bad it had got. But I knew that the only way to change it was to work hard. Time would pass anyway so I might as well try my best to get the weight down. I’m down 22 lb now. That’s just over halfway towards my target. I’ve gone from the number saying 14 something to 12 something and that’s just in under 3 months. I feel confident that I can do it now. You can do it too. Work out your TDEE, subtract 500 cals or so and then give it a go. You can make so much progress and even when you lose just 5% of your body weight you will start to feel loads better. Good luck!

Youngatheart00 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:04:49

Down 22lb!! That’s fantastic and inspirational!

You’re right, it’s about making sensible choices and seeing the numbers move in the right direction. I went for a jog at the weekend and found it SO HARD but I’m not surprised given the excess weight I’m carrying around vs the last time I ran. With each pound I drop it should get easier.

I’m at the point where I’m terrified to see friends and family again because of how much I’ve gained. But I hope if I can lose a few pounds a week I’ll feel better before too long at all.

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livefornaps Mon 15-Jun-20 21:08:45

The good thing about 5:2, coming from someone who could muzzle a crisp bag, is that all your favourite snackeroos can just wait til tomorrow. And the boozeroos. I have noticed I have been far less of a wanton glutton after having a couple of days a week being a steamed veg loser.

Stuckforthefourthtime Mon 15-Jun-20 21:17:20

Mine is 30.8. I'm curvy but certainly not obese and pretty fit

You are obese, though, it's a medical classification not a state of mind or of attractiveness. There's little evidence of much increased risk of much between 25-30, but at 30 and beyond the risks of weight related health consequences increase significantly, from knee damage to coronavirus complications.

Of course there are worse things than having a high BMI, and whether you want to change things is up to you - far better to be obese, fit and content than skinny, unhappy and with disordered eating, or you may be at a place in your life where you have other things to concentrate on and this isn't a priority. I've been fat and thin - if anything, healthier weights tend to follow happiness, not the other way around, and if you're happy that's great, but do think it's also important to be honest with ourselves about potential danger, just as people would expect from a smoker, a skydiver, a horse racee, or anyone else who made choices that carry higher risks.

Youngatheart00 Tue 16-Jun-20 07:48:12

How is it ive put on a pound and a half OVERNIGHT??! 13.4 and a half now. I didn’t even eat dinner last night (after weighing myself early evening and despairing). I did finish my glass of wine though confused but it was the second and final glass or the eve. Presumed I’d clearly be heavier last night as had food in my stomach from lunch and fully clothed.

FFS. This is going to be HARD

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PurpleDaisies Tue 16-Jun-20 07:51:48

It’ll be water. Try and limit how often you weigh or you end up getting obsessed with every tiny change when you need to look at the overall trend. I don’t weigh much any more since starting doing weights (pre lockdown). I lost literally no weight but loads of inches everywhere and looked the best I’ve ever looked.

Sorry for everything you’ve been going through. Infertility is so hard (from fellow barren). flowers

BasinHaircut Tue 16-Jun-20 07:58:00

OP if you were drinking alcohol last night then you will be retaining water this morning. You may be heavier but you won’t have gained any fat.

For comparison, if I have a takeaway I can wake up half a stone heavier than the day before, but it’s water retention. Give it 2 days and it’s gone.

I read something recently about how women should only really weigh themselves once per month, on the same day. This is due to the monthly cycle our bodies have to contend with which affects how much we weigh at any one time.

If we are in a calorie deficit then we will be losing fat, but day to day it’s not always easy to see and that can be disheartening. The numbers will go up and down, but as long as the lowest number keeps getting lower over time, then it’s all good.

Youngatheart00 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:00:49

Thanks for the supportive words. Just refilled my water bottle and sipping away, it’s definitely a good incentive for an alcohol free few day!

Need to keep repeating to myself....liquid cake, liquid cake confused

Get the hormonal thing but I’m a week and a half away from my period so I shouldn’t have the pre Menstrual bloat yet surely....

Will not weigh again for a while.

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MsTSwift Tue 16-Jun-20 08:02:53

I went in hard and fast something switched in me. Was bmi 27 now 21 lost 2 stone in 3 months. Intermittent fasting daily turbo and cutting out biscuits crisps choc dinner on smaller plate. This way works fast which I found motivating. Worth it when size 14 trousers fall down now a 10.

CaptainBrickbeard Tue 16-Jun-20 08:05:47

I gained weight steadily over a few very stressful years and found myself at close to 18 stone at the start of this year! I’m now 14 stone 6 and still losing roughly a pound a week now.

Firstly, weight fluctuates and water retention can give you a highly depressing overnight increase - now I’m tracking carefully I know I will go up a couple of pounds around ovulation and again just before my period but those pounds will come off after a couple of days. It doesn’t stop being frustrating! The only way I find to handle it is to weigh daily and put it in my FitBit app and only look at my average weight for every week. So within a week I might go up and down like a fecking jack in a box but at the end of the week, I can see that I’m still on a downward trajectory even if I finish the week weighing a pound more than at the start. Obviously it works because I’ve lost over three stone in six months regardless of the fluctuations.

I did the Fast800 for the first two months and now eat Mediterranean low carb. I aim to get as close to 16:8 as I can as often as I can. It is really hard work but it’s so motivating to look at the app and see that downward slope and know it’s working. Don’t despair, OP!

BasinHaircut Tue 16-Jun-20 08:41:35

OP no, last night’s weight increase will be down to the wine. Lots of carbs, alcohol, salt etc all cause water retention but it doesn’t mean you are fatter than you were the day before.

As @CaptainBrickbeard says your cycle will impact at various points in the month not just immediately before menstruation.

Both of those things together mean that daily weighing will ALWAYS show fluctuations and if seeing them throws you off track or makes you unhappy then try not to weigh so regularly.

ThisShitCrazy Tue 16-Jun-20 08:45:15

It's a shock but look at it as your kick that you needed.

I'm overweight and a couple of months ago my OH mentioned to me in a discussion that I had put on weight. (We were talking about weight and it wasn't a dig he was just being honest)

6 weeks ago I decided to make a change and joined SW and started working out 4 times a week. It's slow and steady but I've lost almost a stone. It won't happen overnight you need to be patient and keep going. Start today, there's no better day to start 😄

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