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louise35 Mon 22-May-06 14:58:55

Just a quick update folks, I've lost 5st 3lb since the beginning of October but I need to lose about another stone, to be honest though I'm down to a size 12 and have become a bit complacent to have messed about a bit for the last couple of months. I'm no lighter now than I was a month ago, finding it hard to get all the packs down in a day which I know can have a negative effect. Anyway my counsellor said last week that she thought it was probably time I went onto management as my weight has stopped coming off and I went home and thought about it and I suddenly panicked as I really don't feel ready to start eating again and I think this is the kick up the bum I need to get back on the plan properly and get this last stone off. I'll keep posting and hopefully will be at my goal within the next month. Good luck all and Merlot, nice to see you have popped in at some point. Everyone keeps saying now that I dont need to lose any more but I would like to lose this last stone then if I do put on a little bit when I start eating again then it won;t be so noticeable.

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