Please humour me if this is a ridiculous?

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lottieleo Thu 04-Jun-20 14:35:57

So I'm really struggling to loose weight
I get very little sleep with my children. An when I'm tired I find im impulsive with eating, often crave sugar and can binge.
As Ghrelin the "hunger hormone" is linked to sleep is there any other ways to help reduce or regulate this hormone to hell suppress my appetite and sugar binges.

I slept all last week and my eating habits were drastically different, I felt in-control for a change.

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MadauntofA Thu 04-Jun-20 15:01:58

I don't think so other than improving your sleep or managing what you eat. I find if I don't sleep well the following morning I really crave carbs. What about planning ahead - lower carb breakfasts that are ready for the morning like Greek yoghurt and berries/ small omelettes you can heat up. I usually make a big batch of roasted veg and meat/ chickpeas and portion it up, so there is something quick to eat when I get home. Try and reduce sugar generally to stop the crash afterwards which then makes you crave more.

lottieleo Thu 04-Jun-20 15:52:39

Thanks for the response
I was doing so well with reducing sugar
And just binged today so feeling a bit disappointed with myself

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Eckhart Thu 04-Jun-20 16:49:02

Ghrelin responds to routine. If you don't eat until 6pm each day, after a few (hellish) days, your body will release ghrelin at 6pm, ongoing, until you change the pattern again. It's to do with availability. It's better for your body to want food when food is likely to be there. So, although food is always there for us, we can still train our hunger response.

Do you have any routine in your days? Can you have roughly the same meal times each day? That's how to regulate ghrelin.

Then... no sugar in the house. And... don't beat yourself up for any mistakes at all. You had a binge, but that doesn't mean you didn't make good headway on building a new, low sugar foundation for life last week, or that you can't do well tomorrow. Even Olympic athletes have blow outs and eat entire cakes occasionally. It doesn't matter.

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