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WW. SW. Body Coach. Davina.

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SquiggsMum12 Thu 04-Jun-20 14:20:23

Hi All
Hope you're Ok in these crazy times
Having baked my way through the start of lock down I now find myself heavier & feeling more bleurgh than ever ! I am now around 5 stone over (3 1/2 before lock down) Peri Menopausal (on HRT) and just generally as if someone has unplugged me from the mains.
I'm 49 and drifted from diet to diet for years but the pull of the biscuit tin always wins ! I now find myself searching for THE diet again & wondered what you recommend please? Am incredibly unfit , some exercises are difficult too due to a medical condition (can do more than I do currently though)
I am on furlough so do have time to cook from scratch (when I can be bothered that is !)
Thanks for reading . This post isnt meant to be a miserable as it sounds Apologies :-)

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roseapothecary Thu 04-Jun-20 19:44:56

I use myfitnesspal so can eat what I want as long as it fits in my calories limit. For exercise strength training definitely. You can find plenty of routines online. If you don't own weights look for bodyweight strength training. Muscle mass is so important for metabolism.

NewName89 Thu 04-Jun-20 21:17:15

Body Coach is going very very well for me, best thing I could have done. Good healthy food, structure, no calorie counting BUT it's a lot of cooking and meal prep, food shopping is a bit more expensive than usual, may be a bit difficult if you're cooking for more than you and your partner.

FriendlyDog Fri 05-Jun-20 08:25:43

They all work if you follow them. Honestly assess what your pitfalls are and what sacrifices are you willing to make.

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