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Alcohol and WW

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Soonsoonsoon Wed 03-Jun-20 17:26:13

I've just started back at ww after a few unsuccessful attempts blush Managed to lose 6.5lbs in week 1, just 2.5 stones to go!

I just wondered what views were on using points for alcohol - I get 24 points in total and will have used 6 for food as am saving them for drinks tonight. Have eaten proper meals, just lots of zero point food in them (yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, salad, eggs and wholemeal pitta for lunch, chickpea and spinach curry with cauliflower rice for dinner). I obviously wouldnt do this all of time but will drinking inhibit weightloss if it is within my points and I refrain from snacking whilst I do it?

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FiveShelties Thu 04-Jun-20 11:02:58

I still drink alcohol on WW. I think as long as you are eating well it is fine to use some points on treats. I prefer my treats 'liquid' rather than chocolate and it keeps me relatively on plan. I had gained four pounds during lockdown but have lost three of those so just a pound over target now and am still drinking wine.

To be honest I would never stick to WW if I could not have a glass, or three, of wine! wine grin

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