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Losing weight for an operation.

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glitterbiscuits Wed 03-Jun-20 17:08:01

Well done.
That's a serious weight loss!
No just down a dress size!
What improvements have you found in yourself and your health and appearance?

These could be the things to motivate yourself and others.

footphobic Wed 03-Jun-20 17:04:51

Not anything clear but hoping Oct/Nov at the latest.

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EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 03-Jun-20 13:19:44

great news. Do you have a rough date for the OP?

footphobic Wed 03-Jun-20 12:56:17

Thanks for reading and replying. The appointment went very well. My consultant said that in his experience a very small % of patients that are advised to lose weight for ops actually do, so he was really pleased. He’s very happy to put me on the list. I am happy and very relieved.

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1000mangoesinabirthdaycake Wed 03-Jun-20 07:58:53

It must help if everyone in the family if changing the way they eat rather than just you. Let us know how your appointment goes. Hopefully you'll get the go ahead!

footphobic Wed 03-Jun-20 00:08:48

Thanks. 1000mangoesinabirthdaycake I was kind of motivated anyway, but in a bit of a half arsed way. After putting some back on I just realised I had to do it. The need to have this op became my absolute priority. As I’ve gone on, the op is obviously still crucial, but I also see my health and my self esteem (rock bottom before) which I’ve had huge improvements in, as equally important.

We’ve also adapted to the change in eating and exercise as a ‘lifestyle change’ . I’m incredibly aware of the need to maintain when we get to our goal weights. I only started to battle with my weight in my 30’s so I know I can be slim and maintain it. I’ve yo-yo’d for a few years but I do think the way we are approaching it this time and having a proper plan for maintaining will mean we will now stay at healthy weights.

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EmmaGrundyForPM Tue 02-Jun-20 23:48:20

well done. that's very impressive. Hopefully your consultant will now be able to schedule the operation.

1000mangoesinabirthdaycake Tue 02-Jun-20 23:44:38

Well done losing all that weight. I hope tomorrow goes well. I'm supposed to be losing some weight before an operation but failing. I need some of your motivation!

footphobic Tue 02-Jun-20 23:27:32

I desperately need an operation, not for anything emergent or life threatening, but it is highly essential and will hopefully end some major physical pain and discomfort and improve appearance too if it goes well.

Mid last year when my GP referred me I weighed 19 stone 8lb. I knew I would need to lose weight for the op and DH and I both wanted to lose the large amount of weight we had both put on anyway, I turned 50 last birthday so a bit mid life crisis 😄 We started dieting, more healthy eating essentially and I had lost 3 stone by the time my consultant appointment came around in the autumn. An improvement but not great.

He didn’t sugar coat it, no chance of going on a waiting list until at least 3, preferably 3 1/2 stone more came off. I was told he’d schedule a follow up this year sometime. I left feeling really down and though I didn’t go back to old habits, I didn’t have a great mindset to diet strictly again and over the next few weeks and Christmas I put a half a stone back on.

In January I gave myself a massive kick up the arse, cracked on with a good healthy eating plan and joined a gym with adult Dd. DH got back on it too. The exercise was hard as I have lupus (and another immune condition) and as a result I have muscular and joint pain, but I’ve found what works for me and the gym has a pool too and I enjoy swimming. We live in a rural farming village so during lockdown, with the gym closed we have been able to walk however long I can manage.

My follow up appointment is tomorrow. Consultant’s secretary phoned earlier this week to reschedule as they didn’t expect me to be ‘ready’. I advised her 😊 that I have met the required target so I will be attending. My own (first) goal was getting from an obese BMI to under the ‘overweight’ boundary for my height, 12st 9lb and I have achieved this. I can now safely have my operation, if or when it can go ahead.

I still have 2 1/2 to 3 stone to lose to get to my ideal healthy weight, this is stage two, and I am totally committed to getting there. I’ve lost 7 stone so far. DH is nearly at his target weight and dd has lost 2 1/2 stone, they both look and feel immeasurably better.

I’m desperately hoping the appointment tomorrow has a positive outcome and hope, if I’m put on it that the waiting list isn’t too long. At least with the extra time I will be an even healthier weight when it does go ahead.

I’ve followed weight loss threads on here with interest and empathy but never thought I’d share.

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone on their own weight loss journey 💐

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