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What are your motivations and ultimate goals for losing weight?

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blubberball Tue 02-Jun-20 04:21:55

My ultimate goal and motivation is to one day be able to ride on the back of my bf's motorbike. I am 35, and I have never been on a motorbike in my life. I sat on the back with him once last year. He moved the bike about a cm, and I got terrifyed and got off. 😅

I was scared of being so heavy, and throwing us off balance.

I am now 25lbs down since New year, but I would still like to lose another 2 - 3 stone. Buy myself some cute, protective biker gear, and get on the back of the bike.

How about you? X

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spaghettios Tue 02-Jun-20 04:53:39

To fit back into my favourite clothes that I cannot buy again/replace.

To do the things again that I used to enjoy like mountain climbing.

To fit into a plane seat comfortably.

blubberball Tue 02-Jun-20 04:57:59

@spaghettios You got this!

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fallfallfall Tue 02-Jun-20 05:26:21

So that my joints won’t ache and I’d like to see the grandkids grow up.

Bubblemonkey Thu 04-Jun-20 16:02:23

It was to start TTC, but I got started on prednisolone again & I'm about ready to chew my own arm off 😒

Teacaketotty Thu 04-Jun-20 16:04:43

I need to lose another stone before my wedding in December, three and a half down so feeling a lot better already. Also DD’s first birthday in August so would be nice to have some good photos!

SoapyChoc Thu 04-Jun-20 21:35:39

I need to lose another 27lb for fertility treatment. I'm determined to get there this year.

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