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I don’t have any lack of motivation - I am trying and I can’t lose weight

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Uselesstwatmagnet Tue 02-Jun-20 02:29:37

I am 37 with 3 young DC. I an about 10kg overweight due to lockdown eating and having not lost baby weight (from end of 2018.) I have always found weight loss manageable in the past with a good diet (cutting out junk and carbs) to drop a few kg but I have been very strict with myself for the past two months and I haven’t budged even 300g.

I have: cut out all carbs and junk, controlled portions, stopped drinking.

The only difference between me now and me before is that I have had three DC and may be aging now and my metabolism is different. AND that I’ve been on varying doses of sertraline the SSRI anti depressant, since the beginning of the year.

Do you think sertraline (Zoloft) would have made a difference in this case?

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Uselesstwatmagnet Tue 02-Jun-20 02:30:30

Forgot to say I also started exercising Over the last month regularly every day.

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Shedtheload Tue 02-Jun-20 06:18:28

Antidepressants can cause weight gain and increased appetite. I gained a lot of weight on them and I was taking one that is normally associated with weight loss (fluoxetine). So it could definitely be a factor but for me it was because I was eating too much (the pills made me hungry rather than it being the pills themselves that made me gain).

You said that you have gained weight due to lockdown eating but also that you have been very strict low carb for two months and exercising. That seems a bit contradictory because lockdown has only been going on for just over 2 months so would suggest that you have done very little lockdown eating. If you have been eating at a caloric deficit and exercising for two months and you have lost absolutely no weight then there must be something else going on and it could be the medication. Make sure you’re measuring and weighing portions and not just guessing the amounts.

Wagamamas Tue 02-Jun-20 12:17:52

Measure, weigh and track calories of every single thing that passes your lips for 4 weeks. You will find the culprit.

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