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June thread - lose 7lbs/3kg per month

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cricketmum84 Sun 31-May-20 21:25:30

Hello my lovely losers and welcome to the June thread of lose 7lbs/3kg per month!

All welcome whether you are a long timer, newbie. Been here forever or a lurker.

All I ask for is the continuing positivity that I always see on every thread. You guys are incredible at uplifting, inspiring and encouraging each other ❤️

Previous thread is here Lose 7lbs per month - its only flipping May already!!

See you in the morning for 1st June weigh in!!

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Onceuponatimethen Sun 31-May-20 21:48:42

Thanks very much @cricketmum84 . Should be a sunny thread where we might see lockdown getting eased a bit! I’m sure lots of excellent losses as well, with more lockdown losing spirit.

Place-marking for tomorrow to see the start of June!

Last May weight 74.2kg

Going to see where June take me smile

dobbyssoc Sun 31-May-20 21:58:45


May I please join in. I'm a bit too embarrassed to pop my weight down but it's lots and lots!!!
I've been trying my best last month to loose weight and have lost about 12.5lbs.
Hopefully I'm able to join in!

WhatALearningCurve Sun 31-May-20 22:20:34

@dobbyssoc welcome! You're more than welcome to join and 12.5lbs is incredible!

I think this is the first time I've actually moved from one months thread to the next and not gone off the wagon and into hiding ha

Chimchimcharoo Sun 31-May-20 22:48:20

Hello. Can I join too? Currently heavier than ever and using mfp to track calories. Ideally should lose 3 stone to get near a healthy weight.

SconNotScone Sun 31-May-20 22:59:13

Thanks @cricketmum84, marking my place for the morning!

Hollyhead Sun 31-May-20 23:02:02

Hi can I join - I finally weighed in to see the scale of the ‘lockdown load’ and it’s 3kg exactly. Will be doing healthy eating combined with some fasting.

Mamimawr Sun 31-May-20 23:35:49

I've put on over

bashstreetkids Sun 31-May-20 23:45:27

I would like to join too. I finally got on the scales after avoiding it for too long and was horrified at how much weight I’d put on. Literally none of my clothes fit me anymore. I started Joe Wicks’ 90 day plan about 2 weeks ago and have lost 3.5 kg so far. It feels like a long road ahead - I have about 10kg left to lose. Good luck to everyone else!

edwardson Mon 01-Jun-20 00:34:30

Hello! I'd like to join in please. I joined one of cricketmum's wonderful threads about a year ago, lost 10 lbs, then celebrated by putting it all back on again blush

I've lost a bit recently and I'm at 10st. I'd like to be at 9st 9 by the end of the month and ideal would be 9st flat.

5x bouts of cardio/week + lower cal/ intermittent fasting (maybe? Ideas welcome!)

Been lurking for 2 weeks on the last thread waiting and excited to start fresh on this new thread!

spaghettios Mon 01-Jun-20 03:06:06

May I please join? I stepped on the scales yesterday for the first time in ages and was 88.3kg shock
The last time I weighed myself I was 79kg and was pissed off then, can’t believe I’ve put on another 9kg blush

I’m doing a combo of aldi shakes and calorie counting. I am not sure about the exercise side of things yet due to a permanent knee injury, I’m a bit limited.

Smarshian Mon 01-Jun-20 06:21:15

Can I hop on board? Currently 11st exactly. Want to get down to about 9st7lb eventually. 10st7lb by the end of June would be fabulous.
I’ve downloaded MFP and am calorie counting - aiming for around 1200-1400 a day and doing some form of exercise (running/Joe Wicks) 3 times a week.

WhatALearningCurve Mon 01-Jun-20 07:40:27

Morning folks!

Welcome to all the newbies!

This mornings weigh is 11 stone 7 and 3/4. Aiming for 11stone this month. Would LOVE if I could end in the 10's.

My Fitness Pal told me I've lost 27.3 lbs so far - and it didn't even start at my highest so that's good.

Found a photo earlier which was taken the day I got pregnant. It was the day I was starting a new routine because I'd got to 13.9 and I've never been that heavy before. That diet went out the window and I obviously gained weight when pregnant and then immediately lost all that after the birth (I'm aware I'm lucky with that in a sense) and was 13 9 again. That was in March of last year. I then got down to 12 at 4 for September and my friends wedding. Then gained back to 12 st 13.5 in November.

On the 20th April when I restarted this weight loss in earnest during lockdown I was 12 st 9.7 so I've lost a stone in six weeks. Would be incredible to keep those levels up.

So yeah - here's my 13 st 9 photo and my 11 stone 7.7 photo. It says I was a 16 on the heavier one but I think I was lying to myself because I'm still a 14 now so I just have been an 18 at least

recklessgran Mon 01-Jun-20 07:48:55

Morning all. @cricketmum84 thank you for the new thread and welcome to all the new faces.
Monday is my usual weigh day.
Last week 12 st 1.25lbs
Today 12 st 0.75lbs
May loss was 6lbs and total lost since beginning of the year 2 st 3.75lbs.
Aim for June is to get to my goal weight of 11st 10lbs.
Food for today is OMAD and ham and egg salad later. I'm annoyed with myself that my weight is up three quarters of a pound since yesterday's low of 12 stone dead!
I'm going to see my g/f for the first time since lockdown this evening. We will be having a bottle of wine together in her garden. Looking forward to seeing her. Have a good day all.

recklessgran Mon 01-Jun-20 07:53:49

Meant to say I'm loving all the before and after pics! Wish I had some befores! [Hate having pic taken but might not feel so bad about that now......]

Ticklemeelmo Mon 01-Jun-20 08:01:41

Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84
Welcome to all the new starters.

Last month's weigh in was 10 stone 5, my goal this month is to get down to 10 stone. Good luck everyone!

StudentHelp Mon 01-Jun-20 08:11:37

I joined the thread last month and hoped to be 11 stone 11 by June. I’ve weighed myself this morning and I’m 11 stone 12 which isn’t too bad as I’m busy revising and exams start on Monday! envy (definitely not envy).

I can feel all the progress I’ve made over the last 9 weeks or so slipping away as I just want to grab for the biscuits all the time and I’m knackered.

I’ve set the target of maintaining throughout my exams which thankfully will all be over in 2 weeks. In the remaining 2 weeks of June I’m hoping to see my boyfriend for the first time since March so we might have a picnic (probably socially distanced at this rate!) or cake etc so planning my diet to go out the window there too. So, all in all, I’d like to be 11 stone 10 by the end, maybe? And I’d be chuffed with any lower.

Irishstout Mon 01-Jun-20 08:13:38

Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84.

So I finished may at 12st12. Which was a 2lb loss for that last week. Excited it's a new month!

Start june: 12st12lb
June target 12st4lb

2lb a week is hopefully realistic.
Today's plan:
B: porridge
L: poached egg
D: maybe some soup
Target 10k steps and some cycling.

Good luck for june everyone.

Mamimawr Mon 01-Jun-20 08:41:07

Can I join please? Lockdown has been awful for my weight, I've put on astone, luckily I'd lost half a stone earlier in thetear so my clothes still fit. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 13 stone 4. I've only been that heavy before during in pregnancy blush Good luck everyone!

Onthebrink67 Mon 01-Jun-20 08:47:59

Can I join please. 11 3 today would like to be 8 7 but would be delighted by 10 10 by the end of June. I’m doing 16:8, daily yoga and trying to get my steps in.

cricketmum84 Mon 01-Jun-20 08:49:43

Morning all and welcome to June!

Huge welcome to all the new starters and rejoiners. It's so lovely to see so many already 8 hours into June!!

My stats are:
Start weight: 25st 2lbs (Jan 2019)
Loss in May: 7lbs
Loss so far: 7st 7lbs
Current weight: 17st 9lbs
Target for June 17st 0 (pushing for a bit more this month)

Plan is to stick to ww purple as it seemed to work for me last month. Try get out for more walks.

Fruit and veggie box arriving today! My favourite day of the week. I've got a small mixed fruit surprise box and a salad box plus some fresh bread and duck eggs and a bag of cherries.

Plan for today is snacking on fruit during the day, then dinner is cherry tomato wholewheat spaghetti for me and Littlest DD. She wants to eat vegetarian with me so we are experimenting with a few different recipes to find out what she likes. Not the easiest when she isn't a fan of vegetables!

Loving the progress pictures smile I've added mine below again for the newbies as I posted it right at the end of the last thread. I still keep looking at it and just can't believe the difference in my shoulders and legs!!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

We got this!

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FraserBear Mon 01-Jun-20 09:14:02

Sorry I’ve been awol - it’s not been a good month.
1st May - 75.2kg
1st June - 74.2kg
So only a kg off! What’s even more annoying is that I’m heavier than I was a week into May blush
Congratulations to all those people who’ve actually managed to lose weight properly! I hope to be able to say I have this time next month smile

GetTheStartyParted Mon 01-Jun-20 09:33:37

Hello everyone, welcome to the new faces and nice to see the old ones grin

Start Weight (27th Jan): 15st5
Current Weight (today): 12st3
May loss = 6lbs
June target is 8lbs so I finally won't be obese anymore blush Hope I make it. Will be introducing some exercise alongside my keto WOE.

Back to homeschooling today and I suppose I should do some studying too. We will be enjoying the sun too. Perhaps lunch in the garden and another bbq for dinner. Last night I had a chicken thigh with salad, it was delicious. Managed to resist all the other food.

Onesmallstep67 Mon 01-Jun-20 09:43:25

Welcome to the new joiners and hello to everyone else. June already !!
Having fallen spectacularly off the wagon in March and April I am finishing May with a 6lb loss. Was hoping for the extra smidgen to have gone this morning but to add to everything else my TOTM has arrived so feeling a bit bloated.
Aim for June is to see 15st something back on the scales. Loving the progress photos. I will see what I can find or maybe just wait until I am lighter still ( fingers crossed ) for greater impact.
Good luck everyone.

GetTheStartyParted Mon 01-Jun-20 10:20:17

@WhatALearningCurve you look amazing! Well done star I think we are all guilty of squeezing into clothes and convincing ourselves that is what size we are.

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