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Sports bras not working!

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sorrelwood Thu 28-May-20 19:04:07

I started couch to 5K this week, I'm 3 stone over my ideal/natural weight and this is the first time I've ever done any jogging in my life.

The whole thing was so much more uncomfortable and unpleasant than I thought I would be and it was mainly down to my sports bra just not working! What on earth do people do about keeping boobs still while running, it's so uncomfortable I don't think I can face doing any more jogging. I actually tried wearing two sports bras at the same time this morning in desperation. What do other people do to keep them still while running? It's so uncomfortable! I feel like this is my last chance to lose this weight or i might as well just resign myself to being fat forever sad

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Littlescottiedog Thu 28-May-20 19:07:08

I'm a 36E and use Panache sports bras from Bravissimo - I've found them comfortable and they ensure nothing moves whilst running!

randomsabreuse Thu 28-May-20 19:11:59

What sports bra are you using? If it's S/M/L type size it will be useless unless you weigh about 50kg. Might just about be useful as a compression layer, if 2 are required...

Something like a Shock Absorber Multisport or Panache or Freya will be much more effective.

If this isn't enough (I have to compromise on fit because I'm a 28KK so I accept that my sports bra is too big in the back to get near the cup size I need) wear a compression layer over the top. I have a couple from Aldi that are ok. Needs to be tight!

Alternatively look at a boobuddy (Google will bring it up) which is a big elastic thing with Velcro on you wear over your bra.

Not the most flattering but less hot than the compression top if you (like most normal humans) prefer a baggy shirt over the top.

It does get more comfortable when you find the right clothes.

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 28-May-20 19:12:43

I swear by Shock Absorber. They do different bras for different sports. The Ultimate Run bra holds everything where it should be! I've learnt the hard at not to scrimp. They're expensive but keep an eye out for offers. Wiggle have a sale on at the mo.

Monsterjam Thu 28-May-20 19:16:18

This one is amazing. I’m a 36 HH and can Jog waddle in one without noticing my boobs. It’s also so comfy I often wear it to soft plays etc when I know I will be dragged into wrestling with the kids etc.

Inoneminute Thu 28-May-20 19:28:13

I'm quite small chested but for me the only sports bra worth having is Shock Absorbers Ultilaye Run but gosh they're expensive. I try to buy in the sales but they are few and far between.

nutellafortea Thu 28-May-20 19:35:29

I recommend this one from M&S, most comfortable bra ever! and offers great support, hope the link works

Inoneminute Thu 28-May-20 19:42:29

How do you find getting it on and off nutellafortea?

I find anything that doesn't open fully at the back a real struggle.

moonbells Thu 28-May-20 19:43:16

Shock absorber every time. If you poke around on Amazon you can (if you're not fussy about colours!) get the ultimate run one for 20-something quid. I hate bouncing and these really make a difference. (I was 6st over when I started so have gone through a few!) Good luck!

BertiesLanding Thu 28-May-20 19:47:18

Shock Absorber.

nutellafortea Thu 28-May-20 20:52:09

@Inoneminute yes you are right, it doesn't fully open at the back. This doesn't really bother me, quite the opposite: I feel the cross back design provides extra support. I really love this bra for running and downhill cycling. So much so I bought 3 spares in case they ever stop selling it.

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