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Lockdown, exercise and periods

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Shedtheload Thu 28-May-20 16:09:39

I started daily exercise and dieting at the beginning of lockdown. Before that I was quite sedentary and my job was quite stressful. I feel less stressed during lockdown than I used to. I have lost 18 lbs and am out of the obese category now.

Last month my period was more or less on time but this one has come a whole week early which never happens. I am not menopausal or anything like that. The freaky thing is that two of my best friends were also a week early this month! Is it a lockdown thing? Or is it a daily exercise thing?

Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed their periods getting a bit weird during this time and what you’re putting it down to?

I’m not necessarily complaining as I tend to get crappy weight loss results the week before my period and I thought it was still a week away. Although not sure I’m up for a regular 26 day cycle rather than my normal 33... smile

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WildCherryBlossom Thu 28-May-20 16:34:54

My cycle last month was surprisingly short for me at 29 days. I'm usually more like 33-35 days.

I haven't been doing more exercise particularly, nor have I lost or gained weight. I just took it to be a random thing. I'm currently on day 31 and no imminent sign of AF so this is seeming more like my usual longer cycle

Shedtheload Thu 28-May-20 16:42:52

Thanks WildCherry that’s interesting that you had a short cycle too. I am hoping mine is just a one-off too as I prefer the longer ones!

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WildCherryBlossom Fri 29-May-20 03:55:01

Yes I prefer the longer ones too!

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