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Exante weightloss diary

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Makemedoit Tue 26-May-20 19:24:57

So I am fat, feel bloated and disgusting and was horrified when I caught a glimpse of my reflection today. This is making me so unhappy. I have got to do something about it.
So I have some exante shakes and I am going to start tomorrow.
I am going to use this as a diary to try and keep me on track.
Anyone is welcome to join me on my journey.
It starts here!

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Makemedoit Wed 27-May-20 06:07:04

Aaaaargh have woken up and can already feel my will power fading.
Need to stay strong get on it!

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Vegena Wed 27-May-20 07:25:38

I am on day 3 - saw myself in mirror yesterday and couldn't believe how big my tummy was. I have lived in baggy clothes over lockdown and yesterday wore a more fitted top.

Do we want our body changes - yes! Can we do this - yes!

Makemedoit Wed 27-May-20 20:07:02

So have had a pretty good day food wise. Had a shake for breakfast and lunch and have drunk lots of water so lots of toilet trips as well!!
Have had a light meal of chicken and veg tonight and have resisted getting snacks so far!!
So pretty pleased and am hoping to be able to do the same tomorrow!
Feeling positive at the moment so am hoping that will help to keep me going

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Hawkmoth Wed 27-May-20 20:10:14

Can I join? I'm in my third week having two shakes, low carb meal and a low carb snack, keeping (often well) under 1200kcal.

I dont have scales so won't weigh until I'm at the doctors next. However, I did look down on the toilet yesterday and saw my muff without lifting my belly up. Winning.

stillfeelingmad Wed 27-May-20 20:27:26

Here to offer support!!
But that doesn't sound like a lot of food for a full day?!
It needs to be sustainable unless you're planning a couple of really low calorie days mixed in with more normal eating

Makemedoit Wed 27-May-20 21:05:02

Well done Hawkmoth. I am hoping for that moment too! I haven't weighed either. Am going to try and give it a month before I do.
How do you manage the hungry feeling?

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Makemedoit Wed 27-May-20 21:06:22

Are you using/ have used exante stillfeelingmad?

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Makemedoit Wed 27-May-20 21:08:49

Have come to bed early to stop me snacking!!

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Hawkmoth Thu 28-May-20 09:28:22

I'm not that hungry now, but I have a big water bottle and keep myself topped up at all times.

I also dont have my shakes at regular mealtimes. I dont feel hungry first thing so dont have breakfast until I am, say 1030, then dinner at maybe 1430.

When I have my tea, I eat very slowly and savour every mouthful.

And I'm having cheese for supper which is probably why I'm not hungry in the mornings, but it works. Surprisingly few comments from the children on why I've removed myself from the normal feeding schedule of the house, that was one of my concerns as I have a 14 yo that I don't want to influence too much.

Makemedoit Thu 28-May-20 19:50:23

So have done well again today although have had to work at it!!
Yes am trying to have my shakes when I am hungry rather than at set times. Had some melon and lots of water as well today and then salad for dinner.
That's a helpful tip about the cheese. I might try that.

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ScarletFever Thu 28-May-20 20:34:21

Have you done slimmest? Is exante much differ?

Hawkmoth Thu 28-May-20 21:30:42

Hard day for me too. Bit of a lob in the afternoon but came through ok. Had smoked salmon, romaine lettuce and a couple of oatcakes for tea then went for a 50 minute walk. Managed to get up one of the hills I would normally stop on without stopping so that's a big noticeable difference already.

Katkincake Sat 30-May-20 09:42:49

Can I join you? Day 2 (well 3 as I started on diet then had my birthday off on thurs!) for me. Ive done Cambridge and Exante before with good effect, I just can’t seem to keep weight off long term as old habits kick in - particularly bad during lockdown, far too much alcohol! DH is calorie counting with MFP to shed his weight gain.
I have about 3.5st to lose but will still be in the overweight bracket then, but a lot healthier BMI than I am now!
I’m having 3 meal replacements a day to start with. We do have a heap of milk to use, so might treat myself to a cappuccino later - must let milkman know to drop a pint!

Makemedoit Sat 30-May-20 15:51:27

Hi everyone. Have been doing ok. Am doing 2 meal replacement shakes and then a healthy meal and lots of fruit and water. Today has been a bit different as met with friend for a walk and didn't dare drink too much before hand in case I needed the toilet! So am now downing the water like mad to make up for it! Think I have already lost a little bit but need to be in this for the long haul to lose the weight properly!

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Peppafrig Sun 31-May-20 04:38:35

Hi I'm starting on Monday doing the 800 calorie plan but using 4 product and no 200 calories of food. Don't know whether to weigh in daily or hold off for a week at a time.

today118 Sun 31-May-20 09:17:43

Hi can I join you, I'm not doing Exante but am doing slim fast. I'm doing two shakes a day plus a salad for tea. Starting today, I had quite a fright when I got on the scales earlier. I'm 11'9.75lbs and feel awful.

Hawkmoth Sat 06-Jun-20 20:36:57

How's everyone doing? I've almost done four weeks. Much less hungry (except when I'm bored).

Think my fourth chin has gone.

Tootytata Sat 06-Jun-20 20:58:32

I've recently bought some Exante shakes and thinking about just having 4 shakes per day. Is anyone doing this? How long did it last before you got bored?! And how much weight did you lose?

Tootytata Sat 06-Jun-20 20:58:33

I've recently bought some Exante shakes and thinking about just having 4 shakes per day. Is anyone doing this? How long did it last before you got bored?! And how much weight did you lose?

WhatWillSantaBring Tue 09-Jun-20 20:59:32

I started Exante in early spring (actually started lighter life but it’s twice the price and twice as vomit inducing). I stuck at it 100% on four packs a day for six weeks, and lost 13kg. Since then I’ve been mixing in normal food for lunches and dinner - no carbs at all- and at four one square of chocolate. But my loss has slowed right down to 3kg in the last six weeks.

I found it pretty easy after the first few days for that first chunk , but have struggled since then. Bored and wanting to eat normal food.

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