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WW what are your favourite "nice " low fat snacks.

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mindermummy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:49:31

I found in tesco they do a chocoale muffin for 3 and half points; well woprth it for a huge choc treat.

Anything else i could try thats low?

stressteddy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:50:39

Strawberry split ice lollies are quite low in points I seem to recall
I assume you are doing ww?

mindermummy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:59:02

yes i have been for 12 weeks and have lost 12 and half...desp to get to 1 stone!!

BBBee Thu 20-Sep-07 14:00:20

when I did WW I drank lots of coffee with a tiny square of choc.

I think revels are about 3.5 a bag.

stressteddy Thu 20-Sep-07 14:00:31

Oh, well done minder - defo keep it going
I may be bacl if I think of some others
I take it you want sweet treats and not savoury?

ProfYaffle Thu 20-Sep-07 14:13:57

My faves are:

Curly Wurly 2.5pts
Cadbury's fudge 2 pts
Milky Way 1.5pts
Small bars of cadburys, about 25g I think, 2pts
Skinny cow double choc 1.5pts
Snack a Jacks bagel thingies 2pts
Snack a Jacks salted popcorn 0.5pts!
Sushi from Tesco 3pts

Was also a revelation to me that Mushroom Foo Yung is 5pts, veggie chow mein 4.5 and Pad Thai is 5.5pts, they're my take away staples.

mindermummy Fri 21-Sep-07 10:53:35

Actually i like both sweet and savoury!!
the pocorn sounds good.


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