Anyone need support in attempting to lose?

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Squiffy01 Sat 23-May-20 09:34:38

I am soo fat. I just find myself disgusting yet I can’t stop stuffing my face.
I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter but was fairly steady for years until I had my son. Gained in pregnancy but my real gain came from the shit show that was the newborn stage and eating to get me through. It took me just over a year I was just below where I was when I got pregnant, still needed to tone up but I was getting there. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors put me on a low fibre diet so I could basically only eat crap, steroids also didn’t help. Don’t get me wrong it was also my fault I could have stuffed less crap into my mouth but I didn’t.
And now I find myself with at lease 20lb to lose (probably more haven’t weighed myself recently).
I’m not following anything too strict as my diet isn’t back to normal yet, although I am now allowed some very over cooked veg grin so my first step is just to try and cut back in the amount of crap I’m eating.
Would love to have someone or a few people also wanting to lose just to hold me accountable. Find I can’t really join a lot of threads since I’m not really following a specific plan.

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